Yearly Earth Hour Coverage 2010: Seven Suites Hotel and Observatory

I am an advocate for the environment and every year I cover the Earth Hour.  Last year, 2009, I was alone hanging out by myself at Bonifacio High Street.  I blogged about it here and I was happy and amazed :)  I also blogged about the Dark EDSA – it was very very VERY TOUCHING!

This year, I’m glad I was invited at the Seven Suites hotel for their Notre de Carnival party!  What’s nice about this place it’s that it’s eco-friendly!  They have a garden of vegetables and fruits and we got to taste the fruits of the garden at the party itself as they served fresh salad 😀

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (1)

Makeup check at home 😀 and got hair curled… again, no mirror… so the curls looked a bit untidy

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (2)

Artistic shots in low light…

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (3)

Lots of dessert served!

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (4)

nothing much but cam-whore

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (5)

full body shot of meh

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (6)

They had programs all night

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (7)

It’s Earth Hour!  At the horizon on the left side is supposedly the fort… but can’t see it well… On the middle horizon is supposedly Makati skyscrapers.

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (8)

coffee and hot chocolate atop the observatory

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (9)

This is the best doughnut I have ever tasted!!! It’s ube and macapuno!  I am not sure why I got addicted but when you taste it, you’ll know man…

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (10)

This is the 4th biggest telescope in the Philippines!  It showed me Saturn, Mars and a close up of the moon!!! It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!  I had goosebumps when I saw Saturn at first!  I wanted to view Jupiter but they said, it’s not viewable at that time since it’s on the other side of the road.

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (11)

I think I was looking to Mars on this… 😀

I also learned how to look for the Big Dipper and the North Star!  I learned something that night… thanks to the staff of the Seven Suites Observatory

Anyway, it was an awesome night!

Thank you Seven Suites for inviting us to be a part of the feast!

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