Yeng Constantino and Pedicab Mash-up!

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I constantly blog about songs and their meaning and how it affects me.  It’s about time I share something about our very own local music with Yeng Constantino and Pedicab.  They just did a super cool awesome mash-up together of both their songs “Jeepney Love Story” by Yeng “FX” by Pedicab.  Oh yes, the local automobiles that are part of our daily lives.  Don’t you think they are meant to do this mash-up?

I am telling you… before they actually performed the mash-up, I tried to listen to both songs and I tried to play the mash-up in my mind… and I couldn’t make it work!!! That is why I am not a musician at all… But after I heard their mash-up – DUDE!!! It’s super awesome how they changed things just right to make everything collaborate! So check it out at the bottom of this page for the link to the actual video performance of Yeng and Pedicab’s Mash-up.

Don’t ignore the story of both songs.  Yeng will explain in the interview how she felt when she was writing the song and the same with Pedicab who also was interviewed at Episode 7.

Their mash-up is exclusive only in the Coca-Cola Music Studio that airs on Myx every Sunday 5:30 – 6:30 pm, replays every Tuesday at 7:30 – 8:00 pm, and uploaded on Coca-Cola Music Studio’s official website.

Yeng Constantino and Pedicab Mash-up

Episode 6

In Coca-Cola Music Studio: Episode 6, rock princess Yeng Constantino and disco rock band Pedicab have an energizing chat about the changes they made to their songs “Jeepney Love Story” and “FX”, just to make the mash-up one-of-a-kind. The conversation gets personal as they reveal: who was more nervous before entering the studio? And sino sa mga teen fans ang mas magugulat sa result? Fans of Yeng or fans of Pedicab? Watch the behind the scenes video and stay tuned to the Coca-Cola Music Studio for more!

Episode 7

The long wait is over! Yeng Constantino and Pedicab are ready to bring energizing and refreshing tunes to your ears with the mash-up of their songs “Jeepney Love Story” and “FX”. So ride on with this excellent episode and stay tuned for more unique music, only from the Coca-Cola Music Studio!


For Pedicab’s five fictional members, this mash up with singer Yeng Constantino is a refreshing first. Arranged by “Sugar Rayms,” the songs meld fluidly in more ways than one. Uncover their other thoughts behind their tune, “FX,” their influences, and whom they would like to work with in the future.

Yeng Constantino worked with Pedicab member Sugar Rayms before, but not with the band—until now. Listen as she recalls her tweets, and predicts fans comments about the “Jeepney Love Story” mash-up. Take a ride through the song’s life, with this positively energizing Coca-Cola Music Studio interview.

Pedicab/ Yeng Constantino Mash-Up

Here it is!

Open your eyes and ears to this awesome video! Can this collaboration by Yeng Constantino and Pedicab be the start of something amazingly energizing? Enjoy this refreshing take on the songs “Jeepney Love Story” and “FX,” brought to you by the Coca-Cola Music Studio.

Check out full video of Yeng Constantino and Pedicab’s mash-up here!


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