A Necessary Hiatus

May was my blog’s month. It was my anniversary. I got featured in Nuffnang as blogger of the month. I had many event invites which some I really had to decline because it is conflict with my new work shift. I met awesome bloggers from Cebu… and many more awesome things happened!

May is also the peak of my new project assignment at work and I’m tellin yah… It is pretty brutal for those who do not have the heart of a workaholic.  (does that mean that I’m a workaholic) DUH-HUH…  I guess I am **faints** but my body hazzz limits so… **faint** I go…

May is also the time where we got a lot of visitors! Like really a-lot and that always means that I don’t sleep at my room. Sigh. So even at home, instead of me regaining energy and rest, I had to feel more stress and uncomfort…

I think I just had too many demands from everything (work is 70%, home 20 %, blog 5%, others 5%). The thing is, I have to prioritize right? And what do I care about??? — my HEALTH! Hehe 🙂 it’s my ultimate priority for now!

I have never been this sick just because of acute tonsillopharyngitis!!! and the doctor said fatigue might be an added ingredient T________T  **uhhmffff**  Yeah, I have to rest a while. My new project is just demanding so much from me that I had to extend some of my personal time just for me to get through the deadlines imposed upon me. I honestly say it’s no fun anymore but I’m being paid for that so I’d have to deal with it… for now…  I think I need to manage my time more gracefully.  Just like dancing, you need to be in the rhythm to perform well.  You need to be in the zone, and you need to love what you’re doing.  It’s a state of mind I am learning to transport in…  Dance my work out… yep… but first… I have to rest…

I hope you all would understand why I need to stop for a while, I will be going to Hong Kong and Macau in 4 days… And I have to get better by that time! I don’t want my body to be vulnerable and catch some swine while I’m there! Hopefuly, this bacterial infection I have right now with my tonsilitis is a blessing in disguise… I hope my immune system got exercised and it should be ready for the deadlier ones hehehe.

Anyway, as of now, I just got better! Yesterday, I felt like a vegetable! I was almost admitted to the hospital! My fever was so high and I was shivering! I had no appetite coz I felt like I just wanna vomit it all! I could barely walk and I could not carry myself well. There’s pain in my neck and in my head…

At least rigjt now, my fever is down. :)  But my tonsils are still keeeeeling me like hell… like I wanted to die yesterday coz I could not bear the pain… plus the fever, it was just crazy…  that’s why I wanted to admit myself to the hospital.. No kidding that infection was unbearable for me…  Maybe I was just such a weakling that time.

I still need rest and I hope to be back again from hiatus around june’s end… In the meantime, help yourself with my backposts 🙂 You may have a quick glance at my archives.

P.S. Mom is overriding my control over myself now and she instructed that I must not open my laptop while I’m sick! So I wrote this in wordpress wp-admin using my e63 and opera mini.   Andrew is right, Opera mini is such a sweet bliss for my moblile!  Why? It loads fast – nuff said!  So download it for your mobile! tata!

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