Nature and Art Meets Modern Living: Acqua Iguazu yoo Inspired by Starck

I’ve heard so much buzz about the riverside residence that’s about to rise in the Mandaluyong area (near Makati) – the Acqua Private Residences development under Century Properties. A great thing about living in Mandaluyong is that it’s pretty much at the center of everything and accessible from Makati, The Fort, Pasig, Manila and even QC.


I’m pretty excited as Century Properties has launched the 5th tower called “Acqua Iguazu.” Acqua Iguazu was named after the Iguazu Falls located in the area where Brazil and Argentina converge. When translated, Iguazu literally means “Big Water.” (deleted sentence here) When you come to think of it, Pasig River has become quite a pretty sight. I once lived in a townhouse right by the banks of this historic river near the Malacanang Palace. When I jog at night, it’s a pretty relaxing view. Yes, the Pasig Rriver may not be the cleanest in the world, but don’t take it for granted. Protect this natural body of water and you will be rewarded. So I was glad to hear the developers will also be actively involved in protecting the beauty of this body of water.



Another special thing about this new tower is that its interiors will be designed by the world’s greatest design mind. I was easily captivated by the penthouse’s stellar design. By stellar, I mean the SUN and the MOON. This is the Cielo skydeck designed by yoo.

A ball-shaped sphere shines like a sun by day and transforms into the moon at night, illuminating the Acqua Iguazu Tower


Lucky residents of Acqua Iguazu! They have a scenic view available to them to enjoy with a magnificent dining area which can be booked privately or used communally. The design is quite simple and minimal yet definitely sets the perfect ambiance.

Another thing I love about this project is the LIVING WALLS. A vertical landscaping that acts as a wall in several parts of the area. It has after all, adopted the theme “tropical rainforest in the city.” And above the dining room is a cut-out in the ceiling of one of Starck’s favourite quotes from “Le Petit Prince.”


Acqua Iguazu Location

Acqua Iguazu by yoo inspired by Starck is literally rising a bridge away from all the conveniences and attractions of the Makati Central Business District. It is just minutes away from top schools, the best shopping malls, five star hotels, corporate offices of the nation’s top companies, and Makati’s exclusive subdivisions.



Who are yoo?

yoo is a collaboration of ideas. That is, Philippe Starck matched with the vision of the international property developer John Hitchcox. I was lucky to meet John Hitchcox in person during the groundbreaking ceremony of Acqua Iguazu. Starck wasn’t there physically but spoke via a recorded video message to all attendees.

John Hitchcox.

Behind him, a live sample of a living wall.  A vertical landscape 🙂

These two leaders in their field have come together with a single ground-breaking concept: to harness the creative diversity of Starck, with the innovative buildings developed by Hitchcox.


Know more about yoo and take a peek at their designs by watching this video:






This is my favorite part: walking through the different room designs which made me want to move in right away!



The feel of the room is clean and calm. The room has a modern edge and incorporates different minerals of the earth altogether: glass, concrete and metal. The colors used are neutral to allow a calm environment for the resident. It’s like a blank canvass too for people who want to customize and incorporate art into their living.



In this room, the inspirations are fresh air, the blue sky and the smell of the rising sun. This design is perfect for those who want a bright atmosphere. It is inspired by the widespread and deeply- rooted desire of city dweller to bring nature into their lives. Pale bleached wood and soft sun or pebble gray colors are incorporated in this theme.

If I were to choose, this design is perfect for me.



I think this theme is the most manly of the design inspirations, so it is perfect for a bachelor. This theme is quite special because it encapsulates yoo’s passion for appropriating the most beautiful and exquisitely produced objects and ideas from the past, and placing them alongside the most amazing designs of today.

One word to describe this theme: POWER.



I highly recommend that you check it out and see for yourself how you could be living. You can start by looking up their official website: and liking the Acqua Private Residences Facebook page:


More Photos:

Get the flash player here:

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