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Flair Candy Peace and Love 80s chic Gang 80s Jackson Jump

The employee engagement committee did an oh-so-gnarly job at the domain-wide event last Saturday night…

It all started with the obvious smiling and satisfied faces of the guests that arrived to take their pictures in the photo wall…

Now, you judge the most creative 80s pose 😛



 P1100355 P1100351 P1100348 P1100296 P1100284

The all anticipated Kalabasa Awards were held 80s style!!! Where deserving nominies were awarded and champions of the ERIS board games were recognized. Also, the group who had the most baby pictures guessed were rewarded for just the combination of imagination and sheer luck!


I am tipsy ipsy already Lush Angel and Flair Candy P1100135 Cam Whore P1100171

Meet the people of all ages as they transformed Makati Sports Club into a groovy place of 80s. If you missed the time machine as we went back there, fret not for I have captured awsomeness!!! 

(if you want to have some pictures removed, kindly send me a private message) 



I made it through the wilderness I love you Kristel P1100441 P1100388 Retro Candy

“get into the groove
boy you’ve got to proove
your love to me…
get up to your feet…
dance into the beat…
boy what could it be…”


P1100096cropped P1100197 P1100132 P1100486 P1100130

“Babe you make my love come down…
oh, you make my love, come down…
make you go all the way down…
oh, you make my love come down…”

Towers drinks The Sober Club Girls, just wanna have fun I got myself a glass

with the Sober Club

This night i think i had 50 effin shooters plus one glass of ocean vodka… Sry… I just have a reason to… >.< so thank you to my friends who took care of me in my twilight zone moment <3 Angela, Kristel (my fellow bangenge super sweet I love you!!!, Stepehn, Mich, Gretch, Ley, Melai, Brian… huhuhu me so touched

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  1. wow dude grabe ka 😛 50 effin shooters??? woooooooooot! (di maka relate anong effin shooters, pero malamang nakaka lasing yun, wahehe)

    at one glass of ocean vodka? naks (ano kayang lasa nyan.. hehe)

    wooooot! drink moderately dude.. hehe 😀

    btw, ang saya ng back to the 80s event na to ^__^

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