Belle de Jour Rendevous and Launch

Belle De Jour Launch (3)

It’s November 11, and it was the much anticipated date for BDJ’s official launch at Powerbooks 😀

Backgrounder on the BDJ Planner

Belle De Jour Launch

It started in 2005 when Darlene (founder of BDJ) thought of having a planner and toured around the entire mall to search for the perfect one that suits her. Sadly, she could not find anything that matches her needs for a planner so she made one all by herself.

Right now, you see these planners at the palm of the hands of many girls and careerwomen. BDJ planner is just the ultimate tool that fits your lifestyle and gets you going through your daily activities – the fashionable way!

The first time I held hands on my BDJ planner was last year’s 2008 version. It served me well and it was the only planner that I used from the first month up to now!

… and now that I have laid my hands on the sweet 2009 version, I would definitely say that it has improved big time and these are the highlights:

  • the paper quality is much better
  • the pages are no longer crowded
  • more coupons! 60 of them! The planner comes with atleast Php 1,000 worth of freebies (no minimum requirement) and around Php 10,000 worth of discounts!! Click here for the complete list.
  • additional special pages (aside from Menstrual Tracker and Vacation Planner). It now has Health Checklist, Christmas Gift list, Dream Board Pages and more

The Belle de Jour Launch at Powerbooks

The Launch was gracefully held at the 2nd floor level of Powerbooks Live Greenbelt. November 11, 2008. The event was served with some cocktail food and oh, Candy loved the sweet treats they served. There were lots of cookies and brownies everywhere! Plus, there were free coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Belle de Jour Rendezvous: Power Me Up

It was a meaningful experience and I really paid attention to the talks!

The Speakers oozing with girl power:

Chiqui Escareal-Go (President of Mansmith & Fielders, Inc.): DISCOVER YOUR TRUE PASSION

Donna Cuna-Pita (former Fashion Editor, Cosmopolitan Magazine): BE YOUR OWN STYLE ICON

Marge Apacible (Chief Make-up Artist, The Face Shop): EXPOSE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY

It’s like having the *article of the month* article to read, but this time, there’s three of them live and animated! 😀

Useful Links:

Order Now

See the Inside Pages

BDJ Launch at Powerbooks Greenbelt Gallery

visit for the Belle de Jour Rendevous and Launch gallery.


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  1. Allen, supposedly it is… 😀 but if you wanna use it too, I can’t stop you 😀 😀 😀 oh, but you might want to start to create a planner for boys 😀 😀 😀 btw, your avatar.. is that the girl in lovers in paris something?

  2. Lol No thanks. haah but it can be a good gift hehe 😛

    btw, the girl in my avatar.. i wonder how it got there, but yeah, shes the girl in lovers in paris… how do i change it? (clueless) hehe

  3. i think you need to go to to have it fixed 😛 or if you log in to through i think you could change your profile pic there as well… (unsure) 😛

  4. I super like it! Hehe… anyway, I followed the link to the album… saw kat dy in one of the pics. she’s a friend/schoolmate of mine from Manresa. 🙂 nway, sana meron din nyan dito but I guess all I have to do is search 🙂 back in highschool to early college i was an organizer freak! as in I always change my organizer once i find a better looking one (more fashionable, hehe) with more features. tapos i end up getting certain pages from other planners just to make my organizer the way i like it. I even print my own calendars with all the kikay designs. hehe 🙂

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