Breakfast at Olives

I am a breakfast person and as always, breakfast is something that I really look forward too!  When we were at Thunderbird Resort at Poro Point, not only did I have a happy soul, I also had a happy tummy.  Breakfast was great at Olives.

Breakfast at Olives (13)

I LOVE bread!!! Like breakfast won’t be complete without it…

Jam and butter is also a must…

Sometimes, with one sitting, I can eat 5 mini buns of bread *faints*

Anyway, I love cheese too so there you go 😀

Breakfast at Olives (15)

Toasted bread with jam and butter inside *drools*

Breakfast at Olives (16)

They have a Medley of Home Made Breads and Rolls


Breakfast at Olives (14)

How do you like your eggs?

For me, I love my eggs cooked soft boiled for 8 minutes.

The 8 minutes thing was something my mom taught me.

Sunny side up is okay as well but the soft boiled egg is the best because there’s no oil needed 😀

Breakfast at Olives (8)

And so, here you go.  The usual breakfast items.

No. 1 on the list BACON

YUM!!! Especially if it is cooked with butter!

Breakfast at Olives (7)

They also had the Chicken and Pork Adobo (CPA)

Breakfast at Olives (6)

Vince’s favorite – Tocino.

I also had my Malaysian friends try this 😀

I didn’t know how to describe it or translate it to English at first 😀

I just said, it’s like sweetened pork…

Do you have any other English terms for this?

Let me know and comment love below 😉

Breakfast at Olives (5)

Of course, you wouldn’t feel you’re near a beach without some fish or seafood.

Breakfast at Olives (3)

I skipped the soup because I knew I would be eating a lot of bread.

They had Wonton Noodle Soup and Lomi Soup on our second day.

Breakfast at Olives (10)

To all who loves dairy products… that would be me 😀

I didn’t get the milk though… and the yogurt, I forgot to get one *plak*

Breakfast at Olives (9)

The fruit juices were nice (especially the Melon Juice) but at that time, I was craving for chocolate so bad so I had Cold Milo 😀

Breakfast at Olives (4)

Vince got a lot of Tocino 😛

Breakfast at Olives (12)

Chow time!  Don’t be deceived, that’s just my first plate 😛

Breakfast at Olives (11)

Ta-da… I forgot to mention about eating fruits before anything else.

Breakfast at Olives (2)

Nice view of the restaurant… <3

Next up on my series of Thunderbird Resorts Vacation is the different places we went to during the city tour… Love churches?  That’s up next 😉

Till next time foodies,


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  1. ahhh! It’s a bad idea coming here at this hour. I feel hungry just by looking at the food.! T_T

    And i miss TOCINOOOOOOOO.. and LONGANISAAAA! lololololol!

  2. this breakfast post of yours made me feel full this time of the night. Haha! I love breakfast buffets in resorts. They’re so..complete! 🙂

  3. hot hungry by just looking at the picture, unfortunately there are no resto near at the office except for McDonalds, I’ll try eating their New Big Breakfast Meal which has English Muffins, Sausage, Eggs, and Hashbrown, lol!

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