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My trip in Malaysia was my first trip out of the country ALONE! Many things happened in just 2 days that I was there (weekends). I know many might think that I am super rich or something because I have been travelling quite a lot lately but honestly I just plan my trips well and I save much on my trips! For this Malaysia trip alone, I spent like around PHP 10,000 only XD

I know you won’t believe initially but here’s the breakdown of my expenses:

2,008 Plane Ticket
1,650 Airport Tax
750 Terminal Fee
2,340 Lodging
1,000 Food
1,000 Transportation
1,252 Miscellaneous
10,000 TOTAL

Plane Ticket

I know right!?!  and this ticket is MLA – KL – MLA (via Cebu Pacific)!!!  Most people find that flights are the most expensive part of a trip but with a little research you can often find great deals on airline tickets. You usually can get a 2k ticket if you go from Manila to Kota Kinabalu or you go Manila to KL via Air Asia (Clark Airport) but I know I got a super bargain of 2k pesos Manila to KL and back to Manila!!!


It helps if you have relatives or friends abroad XD  In my case I am so thankful to have Friends XD  Thank to William’s hospitality for letting me “couch-surf” for a night.  For my second day, I thought I shall book a hotel room so that I can experience totally being alone somewhere and have some ZEN time.

The only thing though is that I had to sleep with ALL the lights on!  I’m so afraid of the dark because my imagination is too creative, too wild and crazy that it scares me most of the time!  And in the dark… all of the Japanese horror films flash back on my mind!!!  And yeah, at first I was super fine and not scared at all… But my crazy plurk friend Drew initiated the “mumu” talk. T__T

Summit Hotel

This was near my friends’ house and so I booked here so that they would not have much trouble fetching me in the morning for mamak sessions XD

Tunes Hotel

Ah… This was the hotel I was looking into staying on if I had the time to book it (and I didn’t).  I’d recommend this hotel as it looks clean, nice, in the city but cheap enough because you are paying for what you need and it’s all worth your money.


Another good thing about having friends in an area is that they take you to authentic local places!  All my meals were pretty cheap but super yummy!!!  You know I’m too sensitive when it comes to spicy stuff (although I love it still) but if you say “SPICY” here, it’s really S-P-I-C-Y!!!  So, if you want their food with only a little bit of spice… just say “not spicy” they will give you food which to them isn’t spicy, but to me… oh yes… HOT HOT HOT!!! Like I think my ears nose and face got super red hehe XD


I think commuting in Malaysia would be a little bit more difficult than when you are commuting in Singapore or Hong Kong.  In Malaysia, the cities are far apart and I think that’s why they have many toll gates and stuff.


This includes:

1. Ride to Taming Sari

2. Bowling at Melakka

3. Godiva Mint Dark Chocolate

4. All other stuff I forgot what…


I haven’t gone clubbing outside the Philippines yet… I need to do this next time…


THE FUN IS WORTH MORE THAN 10,000!!!  Meeting the shouters, experiencing their hospitality, taking absolutely fantastic photos of Malaysia, tasting their awesome food… it’s more than words can say… it’s more than what money can buy!  Thank you to the friendship!

Terima kasih! Xie xie ni! Kam Sia! Thank you! Salamat! to Jessica, Stevenzen, Satkuru, William, Aaron, Alvin and Bone for an awesome Malaysia experience!

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  1. Hi!

    If you happened to travel to malaysia again next time, please let me know ya! A few of KL nuffies would welcome you 🙂

    You have become famous among KL nuffies!

  2. malaysia? where exactly are the places you visit?.. you didn’t mention it.. how can we be sure that 10k can get you to visit lot of places in malaysia?..

  3. omg. you’re so lucky. i wish i have int’l friends too.. im going to malaysia next year though.. 3 days( can i cover penang and kl?) a bit problematic about the commute thing. tnx for the info. your blog is very helpful 🙂

  4. hye there! i plan wanna go for holiday with my younger sister around april 2011, the chosen place was manila, oyeah!. But,i need your advise on the budget for 3 days 2 night and the best place we shouldnt miss in manila.

    tq dear

  5. Hey, where are you from dear? any budget? try looking at agoda.com . also tripadvisor.com gives unbiased reviews. If you are looking for cheap but clean and neat accommodation though, try GoHotels.com 🙂

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