Celebrating the Good Life with Plana Forma and Real Leaf Green Tea

There are more fun ways to keeping fit and it’s available for everyone to experience 🙂

In search for the good life, I can’t help but stress out the importance of eating right and exercise.  Finding the right diet and the right exercise for you is important.  As for me, dancing is my way of keeping fit.

Let me introduce another way to keep a fit body with a healthy drink and this new awesome kick-ass exercise called Plana Forma!  I’ve heard my friends raving about this and I have yet to try it soon!

Real Leaf Green Tea celebrated with Plana Forma last July 18 – 23 for their “Thanks Giving” week full of activities.

Real Leaf is brewed from 100% whole green tea leaves, naturally packed with Theanine and with added natural honey, it brings green tea drinks to another level.

Theanine is an amino acid which is naturally present in tea plants that stimulates alpha brain wave activity, helping the mind be more focused and alert.  As far as I know, we need a healthy brain activity not only when we’re thinking or working those numbers out, but it also helps our whole physique – it helps me when I dance too.  When my brain seems to be sleeping, I can’t get to focus on my dance moves right.

Real Leaf is available in delicious Honey Apple, Honey Lemon and Honey Lychee flavours.  And Honey Lychee is my favorite! 😛

Piolo Pascual and KC Conception Celebrating with Real Leaf Green Tea and Plana Forma

Plana Forma incorporates techniques from Physique 57 with isometrics, yoga, pilates and dance.  Classes are custom-tailored for busy city living: Introductory classes for curious first-timers, Open sessions for ongoing enthusiasts, and Advanced workouts for veteran students looking for a serious challenge.

Ah yes… Fun, fluid and fast-paced, Plana Forma is a revolutionary new workout program that adapts the core values of three fitness traditions – Dance Pilates and yoga – into a single effective and exhilirating regimen.

Some of the key benefits of the Plana Forma workout include:

  • increased lung capacity
  • long, lean and sexy muscles
  • strong, toned and flexible body
  • improved body awareness
  • strong back and improved posture
  • increased bone density
  • firmer seat

In just an exhilarating 55 minutes, you can count on relieving your stress and still getting an intense muscle workout.

It’s best if you try it out for yourself 🙂 I might visit them soon to try this out 😀

Plana FORMAâ„¢ contact information:

6th floor Jecoprime Building 20th Drive

Mc Kinley Business Park Fort Bonifacio Taguig

www.forma-asia.com                                                          [email protected]

Cell Phone Number: 0917 809 4392                          Land line: 5530870

Facebook: PlanaFORMA                                               Twitter: PlanaFORMA



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