Circuit de Catalunya: Results of the Spanish Grand Prix 2010 Practice

Formula 1 has been on a diet for 2 weeks T___T

Usually, the race is only 1 week apart from each other (if not 1 week after another).  But then I guess travelling from an Asian continent to Europe (including all the big F1 toy cars) would seem to mean more time for preparation.

Michael Schumacher is the favorite topic for Formula 1 and his comeback this 2010 after 3 years since his retirement.  He has not been doing as good as everyone expected.  For now, his performance is just at par with the average.  This is of course not too bad as he has not been racing since 2007 and he only prepared for this from the beginning of the year 2010 for this championship.  He is currently ranked 10 on driver’s championship after the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

He gained only 10 points since the F1 games have begun but he said he had no regrets of joining the F1 again.  He is by the way driving for Mercedes now and not red hot Ferrari.  You could be thinking that it’s probably the car… but his team mate Nico Rosberg has been doing well than him.  In fact, in the Chinese Grand Prix, Nico bagged third place in the podium.

Oh well, enough about Schumi.  He managed to be 3rd fastest in the Friday practice for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, the Red Bull team dominated the practice.  The Red Bull team is currently in the 3rd place on constructor’s championship after the Chinese Grand Prix.  Their performance is well and for the Spanish Grand Prix 2010 practice, Sebastian Vettel once again speed away with a sub 1 minute – 20 second lap with no one else getting in within half a second of him.



The Red Bull duo were comfortably the fastest cars around the Circuit de Catalunya in the second practice session on Saturday.

Sebastian Vettel was the only driver to set a sub-1m 20s lap and no-one got within half a second of him and team mate Mark Webber.

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