Why Sebastian Vettel Won the 2010 F1 Drivers World Championship

First of all, I am a big fan of Fernando Alonso, and I Lewis Hamilton is the drive a least like.  This year though, I have been noticing Sebastian Vettel.  He was quiet and people were not really eyeing on him to be the champion this year to be honest.  Their eyes were on Mark Webber and Alonso… Actually they were hoping for Lewis Hamilton too get the championship title again but I don’t care about him Smile with tongue out

Anyway, Sebastian Vettel never had the pressure the other drivers have and he was just playing it cool.  The team probably assisted him well in his last race in Abu Dhabi by not mentioning too much that he is leading and he is winning!  Vettel said in one of his post-race interviews that he didn’t even realize he won championship not even when he saw the checkered flag.  He was just told by the team to bring the car home…

But seriously guys, I think Sebastian Vettel won driver’s championship for F1 2010 because he looked like Justin Bieber.


I knew he looked like someone else I know!!! IT IS THE YEAR OF THE BIEBERS!!!

I’m just kidding…

He won because his girlfriend’s name is Hannah.

Sebastian Vettel with gf Hanna Prater

Vettel and his girlfriend enjoying holiday in Sardinia, Italy. Smile

Having a girlfriend named “Hannah” is goodluck Smile with tongue out Lucky Vince Open-mouthed smile

I‘m just kidding again XD

Some say he just won because Alonso and Webber faltered (really bad), landing them 7th place.  I say, that’s bullcrap.  Sebastian Vettel worked hard for this and I’ve seen him gracefully crossing the checkered flag – he deserves this win!  CONGRATULATIONS!  It is Vettel’s time Smile and people say he’s lucky this time, well – good Karma follows him Smile

Sebastian Vettel broke the record of youngest driver ever to win the Formula 1 World Championship at age of 23 years and 134 days.  (OMG I’m older than him??? WHY?!?) He broke the record set by Lewis Hamilton in 2008 who won the title at 23 years, 301 days.  Fernando Alonso also was youngest champion in 2005 and this was the time he beat the legendary Schumacher.

I LOOOOVE F1!  Can’t wait for the next season.  I might put up a separate blog for it.  Coming up next… my tribute to Sebastian Vettel’s Fashion Style!!! OH YEAH!

If you want to view the final standings of the F1 Driver’s championship (result of F1 Abu Dhabi 2010), visit my favorite F1 blog.

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  1. HEY NICK!!! OMG so nice to see you commenting on my blog!!! How are you!?!

    Yeah… The team also screwed up Kimi Raikkonen before and the car wasn’t as good as it was before… and other cars got better 🙁 anyway, I support Alonso too, but I’m happy Vettel won 🙂 He deserved it and performed well… As long as it’s not Hamilton again!!!

  2. ha life’s good though not as happening as yours. yea its a great great season of Formula 1. looking forward to next yr already!!
    anyway u saw my reply to you on facebook already?

  3. Vettel also has to thanks Vitali Petrov for keeping Alonso and Webber at bay, and Lewis Hamilton for being distracted by the Curb cams.

    Nice blog you got going here. *bookmarks*

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