Nokia E63, E71 and E72 tips and Hidden functions

Nokia E63

[ad#ad-1] These hidden functions and tips also apply to Nokia E71 72and Nokia e.

STICKY FUNCTION KEY – A quick double press on the bottom left ‘function’ key locks it. This is helpful in situations when you need to press a combination of keys or in applications like Gmail which can be controlled via the keypad.

(02)-8-MCDO – To dial (02)-8-MCDO: type 028, hit Fn, then Shift twice, type MCDO, and press the Call/Green key to dial. (The idea is to type in the alphabet mode in CAPITAL letters ONLY). The alphabets will automatically be converted to numbers.

TEXT MESSAGES – When in the standby mode, hold down left soft key to read out new text messages.

ASSIGN SHORTCUTS – If you have a lot of applications installed on your E63, you might want to assign additional shortcuts to different applications by definying a set of keypresses with an application called Cute Keys.  Learn how.

[ad#hlink] GENERAL

  • To get to a symbol or number hold down its key.
  • Shift + Backspace deletes letters after the cursor, thus immitating the behavior of the ‘Delete’ key on the computer.
  • In the Main Menu:
  • A B C D
  • E F G H
  • I J K L

To open A press Fn + 1, Fn + 2 for B, Fn + 3 for C, Fn + * for D, Fn + 4 for E, Fn + 5 for F and so on.

  • Ctrl + C to copy.
  • Ctrl + V to paste.
  • Shift + Left ( or Right ) to select text.
  • Hold Chr + Vowels ( or n ) for accented characters like á or ñ..


  • Green Call to send the image.
  • Fn + * or Fn + Spacebar for full screen.
  • Fn + 7 to zoom in. Press twice for the full screen size.
  • Fn + 4 to scroll left while in the zoomed image.
  • Fn + 5 to zoom in.
  • Fn + 3 to rotate right.
  • Fn + 2 to scroll up while in the zoomed image.
  • Fn + 1 to rotate left.
  • Fn + 0 to zoom out.


  • Hold * to activate/deactivate Bluetooth.
  • Hold # to toggle General / Silent mode.
  • Hold 0 to go to the web browser.
  • Left Soft Key then Fn ( or * ) locks the keypad.
  • Hold End/Red to disconnect all data connections. (This is erroneous – turns off your phone).
  • Hold Left Soft Key to read out new text messages.
  • Hold Space Bar to turn on flash light.
  • Hold Home button to see a list of open applications.
  • Hold keys 1 to 9 for speed dial.
  • *#7780# to Hard Reset.
  • *#7370# to Soft Reset.
  • Type contact name to get a list of matching contacts


  • Shift + Return or Ctrl + Navkey to mark/unmark a single message.
  • Shift + Down or Ctrl + Down to mark multiple items.
  • Fn + Spacebar in new message body to access input (predictive text, etc.) options.
  • Ctrl + Spacebar in new message body to turn on/off predictive text.
  • Ctrl + Navkey to move cursor one word at a time when composing message.
  • Backspace to delete message(s).
  • Green button to send message immediately.


  • Shift to zoom in.
  • Backspace to zoom out.
  • Space to go to the current position.


  • Fn + 2 for full screen.
  • Fn + Right for fast forward.
  • Fn + Left for rewind.


  • 1 for bookmarks.
  • 2 to find something on a page.
  • 3 to return to the previous page.
  • 5 to tab open windows.
  • * to zoom in.
  • # to zoom out.
  • 8 for page overview.
  • 9 to go to a different web page.
  • 0 to got to the homepage.
  • Hit the Backspace key to close the current window.

*source: E63 tips and tricks

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  2. Pingback: Björn
  3. good to have strayed into your blog, Hannah! your entries on the e63 and e71 are helpful. makes me see the unit in a whole new, more exciting light. 🙂

  4. These tips are for E67 not the E71,, Hold the spacebar to turn the light funtion on ,,, yea for the 67,, double tap the funtion key to lock phone ,, again for the 67. No help at all 🙁

  5. May i add the following:

    Activate CTRL (Fn+Ctrl) and then press SPACEBAR to activat/deactivate predictive text without having to access the spelling menu

  6. Hy Dears
    I am facing problem in text messaging. When i send message then a message appears on the screen “Memory full:close some applications and try again” . help me

  7. Pingback: Anand Sathe
  8. Hi Hannah – do you know how to turn off predictive text permanaently? It keeps coming on when I try to highlight word by word (i.e. holding shift + ctrl)
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. Really! How to disable the predictive text permanently? Or at least leave it for English contacts only?

    They have introduced a new feature. But as usual at the beginning of products life cycle have deliberately made it incomplete. As they say to leave space for improvement.

    The predictive text should be aware of which contacts are written messages in English, which in Russian and which in Latvian.

    There are times you have to quickly answer the message and there is no time to dig around submenus to find the way to disable the debil word predictions.

    E.g. you write Latvian |to| – |uz| and predictive text writes Uzbekistan… It becomes |very| handy if you want somebody to write directions quickly.

    Same thing I would say any Windows application. Why Windows setting changes language for programs windows and not for each chat message window or word document individually?

    If you chat with several people you always write few letters in gibberish before realize the language is not correct.

  10. Hey! Do you know how to make symbols in the message in E63? Like for example “♥” or a “♦”. I could really use the help.

  11. thx this site is very helpfull ,can someone tell me the difference between a hard and a soft reset ,also somthing i would like to add is no one has mentioned the ovi store from nokia ,i use it offten and it has some really usefull and some free apps themes and utilities ,another helpfull app is the ion battery timer found at,a 10 day trial of the full version can be downloaded for free ,after downloading the app make sure to save it i keep it on my sd card and when it expires i go to the app menu erase remove the app then go to my sd card and re install it

  12. i need help my nokia e63 wont let me send message sbut it will let me recive them and make calls what do i do>?

  13. Did you also know if you press these buttons while typing a mesage:
    CTRL+B – Makes text bold
    CTRL+U – Underlines
    CTRL+I – Italics!

    I’ve had my phone for 6 Months and only just found that out lol!

  14. my nokia e71 camera is working…when i open it it shows “camera..feature not supported”…can anyone tell me me the solution????also tell me how to switch on the flash light to use it as torch in my nokia e71????plzzz guys help me…..

  15. Hey does anyone know hot to mske wallpaper full scree? I hate damn to see my wallpaper doesnt fit the full screen.Can someone help please???

  16. pls help how do i record an ongoing conversation. if am making a call or receiving a call and i want to record it, how do i do it

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