Withdraw Google Adsense Payment via Robinsons Bank ATM Card

I have been receiving Google Adsense payouts monthly and I opted to cash out using Western Union.  I’ve been doing this for 4 years and I’ve been waiting for a more convenient way to cash out my earnings.

Here’s one I just recently discovered.

Here in The Fort BGC, the only Western Union closest to my work area is the one by Robinson’s bank near Burgos Circle.  It’s the bank beside Starbucks. Smile


Since I worked in BGC, I’ve been encashing my Western Union payouts through Robinsons Bank.  Then they offered me this new product they have, the Robinsons Bank TXT Remit.




Robinsons Bank TXT Remit

This applies for every Western Union Remittance.  So if you receive a remittance, regularly (monthly, weekly etc) then this card is perfect for you.

You don’t need to go out and walk to any Western Union branch, all you have to do is enroll for a card and once your Google Adsense screams “payment issued” then you text the code and it will automatically transfer your Western Union Remittance to the Robinsons Bank ATM Card.

It was pretty simple actually.  I got my card right after I applied – instantly! 





Steps to Withdraw Google Adsense Payment via Robinsons Bank ATM Card

1.  Go to Robinsons Bank and register for the ATM Cash card.  Ask for the one you can link your Western Union account to.

2.  Fill-up forms.  Be sure to have at least 1 valid government ID.

3.  Wait for you card, they released mine instantly after I filled up their forms.

4.  Once you get your card, be sure to change PIN first.

5.  To transfer your Western Union remittances, or specifically your Google Adsense Payment via Western Union to Robinsons Bank ATM Card:

Text this and send to 0922-6372273



HANDOG   RCV   6030800230010000038   000883320   GOOGLE INC.    USA  $1000

6. Wait for the confirmation code.  Wait for 1-2 hrs (based on my experience)



They charge fees for every transaction.

– P1 for every fund transfer from Western Union to your Robinsons Bank ATM Card

– P2 for Balance Inquiry on their ATM (solution to this: is to check your balance online.  Register your ATM card at https://online.robinsonsbank.com.ph/)

– P11 for every ATM withdrawal

**I’m not sure if these amounts are really being implemented, but this is just my experience today.  Just putting it here so you are aware.

— In my case, I’d rather pay a little fee (P1, P11) rather than find a Western Union branch nearby and fall in line)

— so, it’s up to you ^_^


Hope that helps…

UPDATE: Forgot to mention: NO INITIAL DEPOSIT needed. Hence the fees they collect every transaction.

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  1. You’re w lcome. Just be mindful of the fees. I suggest you enrol online banking so you see your balance without having to pah charges.

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