Non-Animated Pokemon Movie: Pokemon Apocalypse Trailer

I play Pokemon…

Seriously, I do…

No kidding!  I memorize all the Pokemon in the Pokedex!

Why don’t you believe me!?!

Hey, wanna trade your Pikachu for my Snorlax? Smile with tongue out

Haha, seriously guys, I am a Pokemon trainer Smile I know Vince always brags that he’s a Pokemon trainer on his speaking engagements but he’s just a poser… I am the real Pokemon trainer.  I used to battle my Pokemon with my other officemate who  also has one… wait… that doesn’t sound quite nice lol.  Crap, I am getting influenced by Vince’s bad green jokes ~_~’

Anyway, moving on… There’s a new Pokemon Black and White that is out on the market now!  They just started selling last September 22, 2010 and most stores in Japan selling it are sold out and millions of people preordered it.  Pokemon is a big business man… If you haven’t played it yet, where on Earth have you been?  Us Pokemon trainers have traveled from Veridian City to Lavender Town and many places more… Seriously guys, you’re stuck in the real world.  Sometimes you need to escape the real world and train Pokemon like us Smile with tongue out

I am such an addict of Pokemon games and collecting them.  Gotta catch them all right? haha!

Since this Pokemon Black & White craze is still… well, CRAZY!!! Some people created a trailer of Pokemon Apocalypse.  Don’t ask me if this movie is legit or not.  I don’t care, it’s just so entertaining.  It’s a good production too Smile Awesome… I would have just hoped they used child characters though and not adults like that.


Anyway, here’s the trailer…

Enjoy the Pokemon Apocalypse movie trailer!

Prepare or Trouble…

Make it Double!


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  4. While the one I used to watch on TV is so “kiddie”, this movie speaks of “sexy and cool”. This is gonna get into the list of ‘must watch’ for me and my son. 🙂 Nurse Joy looks cool.

  5. The cheesiness of “you have a choice”… “I choose you” should’ve given away that it’s fanmade XD It uses common trends from Hollywood’s dark and gritty reboot trailers but clearly doesn’t take itself seriously.

    I hope the creators would show the scenes they weren’t able to include in the fantrailer 😀

  6. When i first watched this i thought Everything was wrong tbh.. just cos it looks NOTHING like the original series / movies ..
    But when i watched it again it actually looks AWESOME!
    Pleeeasseee MAKE THIS FILM!! :O
    [but i think Pikachu needs a bit of work :L ]

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