Earth Hour 2009 at Bonifacio High Street

[ad#ad-1] Lazy Saturday afternoon and I was undecided what to do for the day.  My default destination when I’m alone and bored at home but itching to go out to connect to the internet without company, is Krispy Kreme.  I orderded the Original Kreme Chiller with coffee, 2 honey glazed donuts and 1 chocolate glazed donut.  I am addicted to their Kreme Coffees.  It’s too sweet for some but it’s just fine for me to get me addicted.  It kind of tastes like the Toffee nut of Starbuck’s Christmas drinks specials.


I hanged out by myself as always in the afternoon and since I saw that just about outside KK, there was a stage set up and some dance group practicing their dance steps.  What captured me is the huge 60 minutes Earth Hour logo on the backdrop of the stage then I decided to stay until the evening and spend Earth Hour at BHS.

Some pictures of the humble event.

boni high street earth hour
TGIF and Texas Roadhouse Grill dimmed their lights for an hour


And the video of the countdown to Earth Hour.



It was a humble experience seeing people and establishments sacrificing one hour to vote for Earth on these critical times for the environment.  We hold the future and it is in our hands to save our natural resources.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand what’s going on and what’s causing Global Warming.   Though it is indeed a democratic country and not turning your lights for an hour won’t bring you to jail or something, I still salute all those who participated and voted for Earth against global warming.

This even in Bonifacio High street alone saved up to 207 trees XD.  They also measured it in kilowatts saved and carbon dioxide emission volume but I didn’t catch that figure, just that tree-saved count XD

People's signatures: a symbolism of their vote for Earth


One hour for 1 tiny location made such a huge difference.  Just do the math if you consider the savings worldwide.  The savings doesn’t end in that hour alone, we must make just a tiny little effort to put off unneeded light or electricity.  Do I sound too preachy now? XD  I know my dear friends and readers but this is serious stuff now.  I’m still young and I still want to travel and discover the world.  What’s there to explore when the earth is already destroyed? :(  Let’s actively do our part yah?  It doesn’t take much effort.  In fact, just by standing up to put off the light = EXERCISE! so of saving our natural resources = HEALTHY!  healthy both for us and for our home.

Many thanks for your support!

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    1. Yep you are so right! Their internet connection is really really fast when downloading.. I have to limit my water intake thought because I don’t want to rush that often to the comfort room. Coz I’m alone and I have to leave my things at the table

  2. Guess who! It’s me Ongaigui! haha my blog is up and running. Agree with that..hard to be alone in a coffee shop and you have to go to the rest room. Alam mo they should have a Kensington lock hole in coffee shops or anywhere people bring their laptops so you could bring your own. Hmmm…

  3. Ho! Ho! Ho! Ongai in the houzzz!!! GratZ on the new personal site!!! yes I absolutely agree… let’s drop those suggestions to those coffee shops! or bring a kensington lock with you? @_@ hey hey that’s a wisdom from the coffee master woot

    starbucks in boracay open na?

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