Flair Candy votes for Earth

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Our only home is leaning towards global warming but it is up to us to make a choice!

For Global Warming? vs Earth!

I vote for earth!  What is your choice?

Most of you might not know that I am a green person.  XD

Green because I am an environmentalist.  Taking care of our world, our home and its resources is my advocacy.  So my dear friends, join me as I support Earth Hour!

Earth Hour started in Australia on 2007.

On 2008, Earth Hour went global and I am a participant (though I wasn’t blogging 1 year ago).

But today, knowing that I somehow share some cyberspace accessed by people all over the world, I want to share to my readers (and passer-bys) that my vote goes to Earth this 2009!

Kindly watch the video to know what I mean… This got me almost to tears…  Nothing could be as touching as people all over the world unite to make a cause!

If you are a blogger too, kindly go to Vote Earth 2009’s site and spread this news to make an even bigger and a more successful Earth Hour for 2009!

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