Insomnia + Boredom + Nerves

EQUALS this T______T

The Candy attempts to sing to tire her nerves at 3am in the morning coz she has the insomnia attack… Or is it just a lame excuse for her to sing? …

It’s fun talking to yourself in third person haha… I hope you enjoy as much as I did ^_^

BTW, I’m not wearing any make-up in this video because my friends keep telling me not to! So you’ll see my bare naked face ^_^ and hear my naked voice without any background music on…

Oh and yeah.. I uploaded this video like 18 hours ago and it already had 26 views!! I wasn’t even promoting it or anything because the instant I uploaded this, my internet died lol.

Anyway, I was so surprised that it already had a comment as well! and Guess who?

It’s ReVibe BABY!!! —


REVIBE WHAT??? oh you’ve got to listen to their cover of Knock You Down you’ll be so amazed! Here here clickity-click below!!! I’m pretty sure they made a better cover (100000x better) than I did! Check these dudes out they’re awesome! and hey, in case you need a gal to sing with you let me in! XD

I know I’ve haven’t heard of them before to be honest but they are wonderful Pinoys in Australia… and I think they already have an album out with Sony BMG. ^_^

I’m just so enthused that I got a comment from them! (blush)

Check out their youtube page here.

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  1. Hi Hannah,guess what? I certainly won’t mind you having insomnia if I get to sing and hear your sweet singing in the middle of the night! Ok, i am just joking, hope you can sleep well every night. And yes, glad you are back safely home after your adventure in Singapore!

    Love, Marcus

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