[ad]Just an update about the Local Gossip Juice fresh and hot in the Philippines. I read on the Sunday’s newspaper that ABS CBN is planning to make a Pinoy version of Gossip Girl! Now, as we all are aware, pinoy adaptations are quite “ikey-ikey” so, I don’t know if this pinoy adaptation will pull through and turn out nice… Well, what do we know… I am kind of anticipating a local sweatcase on this one…

Here’s the list of probable cast as I have read in the Philippine Star’s August 10, 2008 edition.

Anne Curtis as Blair Waldorf

KC Conception as Serena Van Der Woodsen

Luis Manzano as Chuck Bass

Although I think that Jake Cuenca could fit more into this role. I mean with his bad boy/serious image already. =P

Sam Milby as Nate Archibald

I am not so game also on this one… =P

John Lloyd Cruz as Dan Humphrey

So… What do you think? Comments? Violent Reactions? Speak up and click here 🙂

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  1. as a great GG fan with ya, i must be the first to drop a bomb here la..haha!
    wooooo…pinoy version of GG!
    but then, the guys selection is a NO NO at all!
    girls are quite compatible 🙂

  2. wheee thanks for the comment yah… means so much to me I spent time editing those pics lol… Jess yess I know the guys not so geng loh… Now I go lesbo for the girls lol… Happy Biwfday again royal Blurness! Cheers!!!

  3. Hey Hannah! 🙂 I’m a real crazy GG fan too so I must have my say here also! lol. The choices for guys are totally off man. Still, that Luis Manzana actor is hunkylicious. yumm. WHY CAN’T HE BE NATE ARCHIBALD INSTEAD? Nate’s supposed to be the hottest guy in the show! *heart breaks* Why oh why. lol. Such a spin off la babe. No offense but just to be frank, the US version of the GG show is already sooo different from the original books, I doubt the Philipines version would be too… 🙁

  4. *i mean I doubt the philipines version would be the same as the original plot of the books too.


    sorry for spamming.

    loves, swei- your fellow shouter! 🙂

  5. jessica: omg i knw what u mean, lets create LLP edy *heehee*

    swei: waah nice nice you GG fan too :cuddle: thanks for the opinions and I hope those casting for men are not final yet. rofl spammin not a problem at all 😛 oh so you read the GG books. well, Phil version I predict would deviate from the books too.. thanks swei *cheers* mah…

  6. Oh dear!

    I really hate imitations!

    Take for example, Betty La Fea was a big hit in Pinas before but nobody cared to make a Pinoy version out of it… well, not until it made stirs through US’s version of Ugly Betty.

    I’d rather go for the likes of Magnifico… any original and realistic piece does make me one proud Filipino. 😀

  7. sorry, but i think a filipino version wouldn’t work out:( it’s just that they overthink scripts too much. GG pinoy will be, sorry to say, quite sappy and corny..(dang that came out wrong)but yeah..to Janice: true..’I love Betty La Fea’ was out of bounds and pointless.

    Pinoy Drama stuff are great, they should stick to it. 🙂

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