Memo Tube: Leave Your Message

Every day gift idea!
Too bad, Valentine’s day has passed.  I would have suggested you to include this in your probable gifts list.  Express your feelings to your loved one in a cool way.  Or just use it to remind yourself, or the household helper, or you can use it at work.
Memo Tube is your personal handy video note taker that you can bring any time and anywhere.  Or, leave it at home for someone else and leave a message.
It has a built-in video camera and a 1.77 inch LCD screen, a built-in memory of 32MB (SPIFlash) and supports SD card up to 32G so you can store as many memos as you can. Playback the videos to check your to-do’s or your reminders anytime you want! 
If you don’t want to bring it with you or you need someone else to see your video memo, you can stick it on your fridge or any metallic surface through its built in magnet. To make it more exciting, the Memo Tube comes with a tray where you can put a photo of the person that you want to leave a message to. 
Memo Tube supports the AVI format and transfers data through Mini USB1.1. It also has a built in speaker. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems. For charging, plug via usb for a duration of approximately 1.2 hours. 
Reminding can be fun and easy with Memo Tube.  Record that video and get it out of your to do list! 
Memo Tube is available in selected stores. 
SRP: Php 1,700
Buy it in the following branches:

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