Parfum Berger Unboxing

Hey everybody! My quest for overall wellness just doesn’t end in exercise and nutrition. A part of keeping a healthy lifestyle is to ensure that our surroundings contribute to our total wellness. Having a chaotic environment could pull us a step back towards our goals. Maintaining a comfortable, neat home will surely help you recharge.

Lamp Berger

I’m very happy that I got invited to the launch of Lampe Berger’s new product Parfum Berger. The brand started way back in 1898 and was created to purify the air of hospital wards. It is one of the few technologies to offer real improvement in the quality of air in the home. Up to this day, it remains loyal to its purpose and continues to provide clean air to our homes.

Lamp Berger

Last May 2018, they launched their new product called Parfum Berger. This product’s purpose is to diffuse a pleasant aroma to your surroundings. I am very happy to receive my own Parfum Berger and have made an unboxing video on my YouTube channel. Do check it out below.

Lamp Berger

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