MSI Wind

Cyclone! That’s what MSI Wind’s model name must be! This teeny gadget is sold out everywhere, making the Asus Eee series and even HP mini cry! What’s so good about this cyclone is that it has the most “gnarly” specs a mini PC could have! So Vinz and I didn’t hesitate to buy one for ourselves EACH!

It has:

Intel Atom – (as compared to HP who has VIA as processor)

the 80Gigs – (as compared to acer’s 8Gig)

The 10″ screen (1024*600) LCD with LED back lighting – Full Web page Viewing (as compared to Eee)

1GB memory

WLAN and Bluetooth (for XP version only)

1.3 Megapixel web camera with built-in mic

only 2.3 lbs!

it comes with Licensed Microsoft Windows XP (for them Vista Haters)

and others: Card Reader, big size keyboard, turbo battery, magnifier, LED Panel and 2.5″ HDD

… and most importantly… the PRICE that is just RIGHT for these gnarly features! (I bought it for only Php 26,000 – $479 if bought in US)

More about MSI Wind specs here!

So how then does this compare to my previous laptop? Of course my Compaq Presario C700 has a 15″ screen, gnarly features, webcam, glossy high definition screen, built-in mic also and is good for photoshopping, excel-ing with many columns involved, viewing webpages and many others… But my usual problem is that it hurts my back if I want to carry it along anywhere. Now see in comparison how MSI solved my back problem. 2 MSI winds = 1 Compaq Presario.

Yeah, MSI is really handy and portable. But I’m keeping my old laptop (not really old because I bought it this year also). I’d just rather buy this MSI wind mini laptop for Php 26k than buying another SmartPhone /PDA phone / iPhone which costs about the same price minimum but the really good ones like HTC costs around Php 40k! I’ve been waiting for Xperia also since January 2008 (when this was announced), but I’m quite dissappointed since the release date would be next January 2009. I don’t know if it’s worth the wait and it would also cost aroung Php40k! It’s like buying another high-performance laptop/ mega-nice desktop unit.

This is the actual MSI Wind that we bought.

And see this one? Full webpage viewing!

I have been using it for 4 days now and I am telling you… It is a handy dandy iCandy companion! But it’s speed upon boot and shut down and everything else is A-ok! I’ve been viewing web pages generally in full screen and it’s just so light that it could fit it in my baggie! It doesn’t hurt the back of those with scoliosis like yours truly. And also, it’s completa and it has everything that my 15″ widescreen laptop has (&even more in some cases perhaps).

The only con I could think of is that it has no DVD rom optical drive & writer! But, as compared to all mini PCs… this difinitely qualifies as a SUPER CYCLONE that blows the Phil’s gadget industry away!

So I’m here advertising once again for something for free — sweatcase. But anyway, I don’t care… I just want to spread the word to my friends the good experiences I have so that I could share and enlighten them too! So what are you waiting for? Buy one already!!! I am being the devil here tempting you all to buy buy buy!

Until next time readers, this is your Blog Ambassadress saying “Mabuhay!”


(I’m using this “a.k.a.” when I’m being a “techie.” Just like Daniel when he is being the “techidan“)

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  1. Very nice portable gadget. You’re right. Given the functionality, this has way more value for money than the XPERIA. You’ll still want to get one when it comes out though. Hehe.

  2. This is more personal than writing a review performance about your purchase on MSI. Is that 8″ or 12″?

    As for your C700 – it’s actually can’t do much. If not mistaken it’s a dual core. Just good enough to do simple stuff like business stuffs. So what is your model? C773EA / C773EM / C772EM / C765EM?

    Hmm.. but this MSI Wind is kinda lookin nice but the hdd is small – capacity of 80 gb? I guess that’s not so sufficient. i say minimum of 160gb. Does it comes along with XP or vista? If it’s vista, 512mb and 1gb is way bottom. It’s going to be lag. You need at least 2gb or 4gb. Best Windows vista to be installed would be 32 bit. As for 64bit it’s still unstable and lag.

    I guess this MSI Wind PC is pretty much of RM 1,799 or less.

    But i did say the Compaq is better one. Much more durable than MSI. Hehe.. how i know this stuff?

    I was an IT Salesperson in one shop. Was a supervisor then. Work and study during diploma. Then resign after 6 months. Now in university.. =p

    But i do still keep in touch with my bosses. Although my boss wants me to work back as a higher rank as in being promoted from a salesperson to production executive – i decline. Telling him that after my degree, i’ll be looking forward for higher post! Wink* Wink*

    I do reviews on laptops too.. and other hardwares.. provided im testing it then only review them haha..

    Well my laptop is the HP Pavilion Tx1316 – was last year’s model. Now that this year has 2032 and 2029, sigh….i want them all.. lol..

  3. I’m sorry to say this but the MSI Wind PC isn’t really a high performance notebook. But the verdict is it’s just something small and simple.

    It’s just something the MSI wanted to challenge with Asus Eee PC. Since both MSI and Asus are fame for motherboard chipsets.

    Compaq is better ever since HP bought them up.

    Actually notebooks with screen sizes 7″ to 9″ is actually quite difficult to see. It’s actually kinda reminded me of a baby organizer. Now that you got that HP mini coming up with great specs.

    When Sony first released it’s model: Sony Vaio TZ series – it was 11.1 inch with bad specs but still there are some idiots buying them. Probably for collection?

  4. Haha Jorwee so nice of you to have dropped by. Yep yep it isn’t everything! And it isn’t definitely a substitute for our desktops and high performance laptops. But this small machine, in my opinion, is the best among mini PCs so far! and the 80 gigs is extra big enough as compared to the Asus eee series and even ACER Aspire.

    Wait till HP mini with Atom comes out… that will be its main competitor. 😛

  5. MSI Wind cannot be compared with a regular laptop lah…
    I have a compac c733tu (has 80 gigs, intel “celeron” – yep not really good processor but works for me since I don’t play games or online games)
    My regular laptop not really a heavy duty one but I just need one to support my office applications and my photoshop and Ulead video studio which is doing fine 🙂

    MSI wind has 10″ screen lah.. HP mini has 8.5″ (MSI has biggest screen so far over other “Mini PCs”)
    though ur right MSI only 80G hd, and HP mini 160G (this is the only advantage I find in buying HP over MSI wind)
    MSI wind is preinstalled with XP, HP with Vista (I personally like XP cz vista would eat up unnecessary RAM space)
    MSI wind runs on Intel Atom, HP mini runs on VIA (HP mini will have Intel atom out soon though but more costly I suppose)

    I recommend wind to those who need an extra laptop or even who needs a primary laptop (close enough to be compared to a regular laptop – take note of the no-optical cd fact though)

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