Nike Cross Training Shoes: Fly Zoom Quick Sister

Believe it or not, I lost my running shoes.  I am not sure where I misplaced it.  I must have thrown it to the garbage bin because when I go to the gym, I wrap it in plastic.  I must have thought it was trash and threw it away @_@.  Anyway, it almost hindered me from achieving my goal – to finally get a gym membership.  I mean, how can you go to the gym without shoes?

Vince and I went to Vivere Salon in Robinson’s Place Ermita and while he was still getting his hair cut, I roamed around looking for shoes.  I got so excited of finally going to the gym and I bought these shoes even if it is a bit out of my budget.  I am not entirely sure, but they seem to sell shoes at the department store more cheaper than the one in a boutique.  I went to one and compared the prices, the boutique was selling it at Php 5,000 ++ while I bought this for only P 4,300.  It still supposedly is out of my budget but since I don’t want to have any excuse not to go to the gym and since I need a good shoes for training (running and gym) I decided to buy it in a snap!

The shoes are meant for training.  They shaped the foot sole to have diamond clusters for flexibility and adaptability to whatever activity I am conducting.  You can also plug in your Nike Plus if you have one and since I don’t have one, I am planning to buy Smile with tongue out I also have an iPod nano that supports Nike Plus with that application on the net so that definitely is on my to-buy list.

Here are the pictures of my unboxing Smile Oh, don’t mind the bunny… He was just trying to cam-whore with me.  He was hopping around while I was taking shots of me wearing the shoes so yeah… It’s nice to have some cute bunny as an accessory Smile

So, I was editing these photos when I noticed something:

Nike Fly Zoom Quick Sister (2) Nike Fly Zoom Quick Sister (2)

I was like… wait… does that number “5” mean it’s a size 5???

I don’t really know how they put those sizes on the boxes and what not but I was pretty sure I was a size 6!   Actually, 5 and a half to be exact, but I usually get the size 6. That explained why the shoes were a little bit uncomfortable.  I was so FRAZZLED then because I asked the sales clerk a thousand times if they were size 6 because it was a little bit tight on my feet!  I swear I remembered the sales clerk looking at the box to check and looked at me straight and said “yes maam, size 6 po ito” try no nalang ulit ito.

I tried it again, it fit just right like exactly right – no allowance or what not!

So I asked for him to give me a size 7 because I though, if size 6 for Nike is a bit small for me, then I must try the size 7!  And so I did, but guess what – size 7 was too big for me!!! and so, I asked again “Sir, are you sure this is a size 6?” – “Yes maam, size 6 po.  Luluwag pa naman po yan mam.”

I am really sure I was size 6 and when he said it was, I believed him… I mean I did not expect him to lie or what not!  And so, I paid for it ~_~’ yadda yadda yadda…

I was so erratic because it was such an inconvenience!  I had to go back again to the store and have it exchanged!  And you know how much of a pain in the ass it is here in the Philippines to exchange stuff.  But still, I know that wearing the wrong size could harm me so I drove all the way again…

The sales clerk who sold me the shoes wasn’t there.  Instead, other sales guys from Nike were there.  They confirmed – it is a size 5! @_@ I told them what happened and they were so apologetic.  I know it wasn’t their fault so I didn’t give them any attitude.  I was just happy that I could return it – thank GOODness!  Turns out, they didn’t have any stock of size 6 anymore!  I was a bit furious and I said “Bakit naman magsisinungaling yon sa akin?” (Why would he lie about the shoe size?)  I was a bit pissed because I wanted that design so bad but I can’t wear a size 5 nor a 7… and they didn’t refund neither.  I don’t know if you can actually do – well there was a little bit of “fraud” there right?  I was fooled!  Therefore, the contract of sale is supposedly did not happen … but I was at fault to because one condition for the contract to be null is that the other party (me) exercised due diligence to make sure the sale was legit.  I didn’t check for myself what size it was! Sad smile

(sorry about that, the accountant in me is coming out… we studied some law units and contracts are included)

anyway, I had to exchange it with another item.  I didn’t mind.  I just want my shoes. I really liked the design of this one, but I like the design of the new shoes I bought too!  I liked it more because I like the contrast of colors and it had a little bit of platform base (about half an inch) that would make me look taller Smile with tongue out It was more expensive than this one too *haiz* so I had to make extra payment

That will be my next blog post so check it out again Smile

So guys, remember to check the size of the shoes yourselves!  Check both shoes Smile you don’t want the other to be smaller or bigger than the other one, do you?

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  1. ei did you check if it’s the right shoe for your foot type? I mean it really helps to wear the correct shoe type if you’re gonna use it for running. i remember buying an adidas adizero because it was too light and comfy but i can’t use it for running over long period of time because my sole will start to hurt. turns out i wasn’t wearing the correct shoe for my foot type (overpronation, low arch).

  2. The big they do is keep your feet from slipping. I know when I steartd to play and wore sneakers, my feet slipped all the time. And I don’t think that was helping my swing.The greatest benefit I find is on the tee, but depending on where you’re standing in the fairway or the rough, having a firm grip of the ground can prove invaluable there as well. Particularly if you really have to swing hard to get out of trouble.Of course, if the shoes you’re wearing now are providing the traction you need and they’re not damaging the golf course (the greens in particular), then save the money and get yourself something else for Christmas.In the end, it’s all about getting solid footing. Other than that, there’s no real magic in the shoes the rest of the shot is up to you.Good luck!!

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