Nokia e63 Budget Blackberry


I am so happy with my new Phone — the Nokia e63!

I was just plurking one day asking for a phone that has the following:

1.  Wi-Fi (very very important for a blogger on the go)

2.  Qwerty pads

3.  Reasonable price (meaning I’m paying for the right stuff)

4.  3G

Thanks to Miss Jane (Yogajane) and Fritz for suggesting e63!  I was vying for the e71 but they said the downgraded version would be a nice alternative for me.


What you won’t pay for in e63 that you are paying in e71:

1. 3.0 megapixels (as compared to e63’s 2mp)

2. e71’s built-in GPS

3.  e71’s made of metal or steel (I think) and has nicer more corporate colors while e63’s made of plastic (not sure again)

*not inclusive of all differences I just mentioned ones that matter to me 😛

So, I was hoping to buy a new phone because my Sony Ericsson P990i is kind of busted already!  To justify, here are my reasons: 😛

1.   The wifi’s busted and can’t connect already.

2.  The web browser itself is super slow… like opening a single WAP page would take like 2-5 mins… or the page won’t simply load at all!

3.  The software is just busted even if I updated it… It just hangs all the time…

4.  Did I mention it yet that it’s 2 to 3 years old already?  I don’t think I did 😛

5.  Bulky much? I have scoliosis and I need to lessen stuff I load in my bag

6.  The flip thing is busted also…

That’s it… but at least even after 3 years the phone can still send and  receive sms and call.  The applications installed on it are also still working (at least some that doesn’t need an internet connection :P)

Another thing…

Nokia must be giving me a commission or something now because I indirectly sold like 3 phones already! (excluding mine)

I have been really giving a great review for the e63 to my officemates and friends that the 2 actually bought one for themselves already and the other is about to buy it!  I guess they trust my judgement and “expertise” when it comes to gadgets **ehemz** **ehemz**  I think I’m not really an expert to gadgets, I’m just the #1 gadget consumer 😛

When I test products, I’m output based.  I mean, I don’t care what software verision or what platform the software is made of, or the hardware they used to create these gadget things… I test based on the final product these companies produce and just judge… Love it? … or… Hate it?

I bought the e63 for 14,000 PHP on a 0% interest 12-month installment.  My friend bought hers at 12,100 in Greenhills theater mall 2nd floor on that tiangge facing the magazine stand who sells all Nokia phones only :P  My boss bought his for 12,500 at Ambassador in Park Square.  See, It’s value for money!!!

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  1. woooooooot new phone 😀 meron ka pang isang phone na new din diba? kaso wala yung wifi T__T too bad.. hehehe.. ako I’m eyeing for an xperia, pag tinopak baka bilhin ko na..

    good thing contented pa ako as of now with my good old 1110i 😀

  2. BTW, nice link there from a geek’s forum discussion eh… I am so addicted to installing stuff in my phone too…. when I had my P900, I used to install e-book readers and even gameboy emulator so that I could play pokemon IN my phone! Am I geek enough too XD LOL

    besides, we would benefit from every geek’s discussion about e63, with this, we get to explore more and more and stretch e63’s capabilities with them XD don’t yah think? XD

  3. hi i am thinking of buying a nokia e63 i am just afraid that it might be too complicated & sensitive to use due to the appllications any feed backs on it. lastly have you tried using ur phone as a modem for a laptop thanks

  4. helo my friends
    i am in once problem,if anyone can solve my problem so this will be urs greatness.i want sale my NOKIA E63 but i was delete some my friends sms who was in my NOKIA E63 But i hear that anyone(who they purchase my cell)can retrieve urs (my)deleted msg or deleted phone numbers from thos such purchased mobile…i was also seen some softwares names at internet who can retrieve msgs/phone numers

    pls advice me what can i do for delete my all record forever(who u never retrieve again till my cell life)from my nokia
    looking for great reply
    [email protected]

  5. I just buy e63(ruby red) it cool phone. im very satisfied with it . i download games like red alert ..need for speed and more, and it work..

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