Sayonara Kingswood

[ad]Now is the time to leave… As my mom is missing me already and my little sis “Snow” and my little bro “Van” are already needing an “ate” / “achi.” My office voicemail is full of messages from snow… Now to let you know how “makulit” she iz, here’s a preview of what she’s like…

Snow looks more Chinese than me and she is a certified camwhore surprising me with self-portraits every time I check my cellphone’s gallery. Check this out:

now I swt

Now it’s time for me to leave the 27th floor Penthouse and go back home… Farewell freedom hehe…

Now at 6:30 I fought the urge to be a Shout Potato and said goodbye to my online friends Cedric and Joey. At 8:00 pm… I have packed 2 bags… razz but by this time I was so tired already and my back ached again…

These two is not the end… I’m not yet done… you see… my closet is only half emptied:

Oh but sien… here’s more:

oh but for the love of OC (Obsessive Compulsiveness) even if it was already 1:30 after midnight… I finished packing everything despite the back pain and the slight dizziness from being so sleepy already…

Now, I’m ready to go and ready to be fetched by my mom and go to my home sweet home… But then again… I’d have to say goodbye to freedom! Goodbye to permission-less escapades… So long midnight society… So long…

On the bright side, I’d be more comfortable and I’d have to eat home-cooked food now without having to cook myself… I could jog around the neighborhood again and I could drive my car again… I hope I still remember how to drive…


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  1. hello dear, i was surprised not to see your stuff when I got back from a week long vacation!

    i’m gonna miss u! 😀

    take care, dear!

  2. Awww ttaffangxxxy can’t wait po…

    Chameleoni a.ka. Girl Bawang a.k.a. Janice 😛
    heya dear… no wonder you were not around, you were in China pala! I see.. to bad… di na tayo nagkita… Anyways, I will return soon ok 🙂 see yah 🙂

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