Last Thursday, I felt like I was dying.



1. Intolerable headache

2. Bothered eyes (might be cause of headache)

3. Nausea

4. Vomiting like no other.  Vomiting even if nothing comes out…

5. A little movement and I get dizzy… then I vomit again.



New contact lenses… I haven’t worn contact lenses for a week.  I had my eye check if I still have the same grade, bought new ones, then drove home.

Traffic was crazy.  The glare of the 4pm sun was sickening.  I could feel my eyes being bothered.  When we arrived home, I felt the headache.  I removed my contact lenses and slept for 30 minutes to rest.  When I woke up, I was feeling much better, but a slight hint of headache was still there.

I wore the contact lenses again and we were off to the Playboy event.


Playboy’s 5th year anniversary at the Hyatt.

It wasn’t a blogger event nor anything that I need to cover so I was grateful WEE!  It was just a party and the tickets were expensive :P  We were not allowed to write or to get media coverage so whatever happened there, stays there 😛


The only thing that triggered my headache again was the smoke.  I tried to fight it and tried as hard to stay.  I forgot to bring the container of my contact lenses.  The lenses are new and they cost about a thousand good for a year.  I could not just throw it like the other disposable lenses.

So, I had to wait.

This aggravated the pain.


We finally went home, but all was too late.  I felt super worse.  The driving made my motion sickness trigger as well and I vomited in the car, in the house.  I tried to take care of myself as much as possible.  But I was so glad that someone was there to take care of me.


Lessons Learned.

Do not leave container of contact lenses.  Always bring them.

Avoid smoke when wearing contact lenses.  Take them off if ever.

Make sure your grade is correct, consult with the doctor.

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