So Easy Life Camp – Colon Cleansing and a Healthier Digestive Track

You are what’s inside you… Therefore, we need to be beautiful inside and out.  In this case, whatever your body feels in the inside reflects to your physical appearance as well.  The colon has been one of the organs taken for granted by people and we know for a fact that we need to take care not only of it but of our entire body as well.  Health is wealth and it feels great to be healthy and well!

I got invited to witness the So Easy Life Camp sponsored by Easy-Phamax.  They are the same company making your healthy wheatgrass drinks.  I have been promoting the good life to everyone and that includes a lot of things like following your dreams, staying positive, being active in sports and being healthy and well!


I was with Cheryl at that time and we were greeted by these positive signs 🙂

“Moving the body and massaging the abdomen will improve bowel function.”
That’s a fitness and colon-cleansing tip from actress and health buff Jackielou Blanco.


This and other health guidelines on reducing the risk of getting cancer are among the topics discussed at the So Easy Life Camp on April 30 at Dusit Thani Manila in Makati City.  The attendance to the half-day Life Camp was free. 🙂


*Life Campers ready to battle toxic substances and flush them out of their system!

Jackielou and two other international experts on weight loss and colon cleansing gavefree fitness sessions and consultations on the proper colon cleansing program for maximum effect, losing weight in three days, controlling food cravings.

One of the speakers, US-registered nutritionist and weight management expert Cheshire Que shared how every Filipino can practice self-discipline by eating less than one’s usual food intake and eventually get used to the feeling and habit of healthy eating.

Malaysia-registered dietitian and nutritionist Penny Chong returned once more to Manila to talk about the importance of a regular colon-cleansing, how and why a dirty colon leads to other life-threatening diseases. Ms. Chong travels around the world for her advocacy on colon cleansing.


GEDC0012 Easy_PhaMax_Life_Camp1

Registered nurses gave participants free wellness checks on their blood pressure, blood sugar, body fat, visceral (stomach) fat, metabolic age.

That’s my blood sugar level 😛 81 meaning normal *phew* relief!

and the other picture was of me and the nurse trying to prick my finger with a stapler-like looking device.

… and you know how scared I get when I am confronted with these things!


I wasn’t able to finish the seminar because I had to leave for a very important photo shoot and therefore missed the discussions.  If you want to know more, read through When In Manila’s detailed and illustrative blog post about what kind of toxins you flush down your toilet bowl.


The seminar was sponsored by Easy Pha-max Phils. Inc, the country’s leading distributor of wheatgrass-based health products, which includes So Easy Colon Cleanse – the only product that has oil palm fiber that lubricates the linings of the intestines and flushes out hardened body waste from the colon.


*If you are interested to join the So Easy Life Camp on their next camping session, just visit their official website to get the latest updates on schedules for this.  You can also buy the kit and do it on your own – but doing it with other campers and camp directors during any So Easy Life Camp will be better because you would be properly guided.

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