I don’t know why but when I get sick, I get even more geekier.  I tried to rest, but I got bored so I surfed the net and looked for stuff that can make me laugh and giggle.  I tried not to do stressful activities since I’m sick, so instead, I geeked out and browsed the web, blog-hopped and watched dozens of videos on YouTube.  I stumbled upon this video that PLDT myDSL made, which is actually a special extended version of their TV commercial and can be seen in YouTube.

I appreciate how they picked an “average Joe” kinda type for the lead role in the TVC.  He represents all of us surfaholics :P  In the video, you can see the most famous characters in the internet.  Do you recognize at least 10 of them?  I think that some of the characters like the Panda, Tarsier and the Inmates are the characters that went totally viral on the net.  The Cosplayers and the robots represent characters in different online games.  And of course, Manny Pacquiao and the muppets wearing basketball jerseys represent some of the sporting activities offered by Watchpad.  The Watchpad is some sort of a TV on your PC that has 20 cable channels like CNN, National Geographic and my fave Cartoon Network. So if you want to save money just get ANY of the PLDT myDSL packages like the XCITE 1995. This comes with a free Watchpad and the speed is up to 2mbps. You can ditch your cable provider since you already have cable tv on your computer. By the way, you can watch cable TV on Watchpad while doing your usual surfing on the Internet. You get the best of both worlds and do it at the same time… TV and surfing the internet on your PC! To know more about Watchpad and to view list of channels, just visit their official website.

Hopefully, if in the future they make a new video similar to this, they would also include FlairCandy as one of the internet characters too!

Candy in d’ houze… REPRUHZZENT!!!

haha in my duh-reamzzz!

I don’t know the statistics, but I feel that most people spend their time online more than they watch TV.  Even TV shows post their episodes online.  Not that I totally ignore TV, but I often get more updated on what’s happening in the world by following YouTube sensation Philip DeFranco.  I also learned how to do my own makeup by following Michelle Phan’s channel on YouTube.  Michelle Phan’s Lady Gaga Bad Romance look tutorial has over 11.5 million views! *faints*

All I’m saying is, I’m a Certified Surfaholic and I need a stable bandwidth connection to view videos, upload photo albums and video blogs.  Good thing my DSL line gives me a steady connection and it can keep up with my online needs!  I also have wireless broadband which I no longer use that often.  Sometimes, it works pretty fine but oftentimes, it feels like deja vu.  Like I’m reminded of the time I was still using dial-up.  Anyway, since I’m happy with my connection, I wanted to share my top 10 viral videos of all time.

Top 10 viral videos of all time

The video above inspired me to create my very own viral list.  I am not sure how many people I got infected with my flu virus 😛 but these videos are sure contagious!  I’d be glad to infect you all with giggles.  These videos infected laughter to 80 million people at most!  Some of the characters in the video below are featured in the TVC above.  Do enjoy, be happy!

Sneezing Baby Panda (*73,530,389 views)Filipino Inmates Dancing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (*43,508,326 views)Tarsier Eyes (*3,550,999)Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise (*85,033,468)Cats vs Treadmill

Benjo Kag ang Batalyon Pitbull - 300 spoof in Ilonggo (*2,056,499)David After Dentist (*65,182,971)Charlie the Unicorn (*50,502,980)Charlie Bit Me! (*219,788,437)Stalking Cat (*12,621,739)

click image to view video

*views as of August 16, 2010

Do you have your own list too?  Share links of your favorite viral videos on the comment section below 😀




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  1. My online community (of gamers and internet geeks) and I have our own world of viral videos and internet memes. We’re mostly inspired by Japanese culture and the ever-notorious 4chan, and some others. We’ve got a list of all-time favorite crazy Jap games, the annoyingly-lovable random videos, and epic quotes. Maybe I’ll go ahead and share a few of what we dig over time.

    As an internet geek, I can spend half a day reading Wikipedia entries. Because I’m a nerd like that.

    *bunny hop*

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