The Search For New Music

June 21, before the clock struck 12, my mood was set for some acoustic sound trip.  I browsed through my iPod and noticed that my playlist is so outdated!

I decided to get new songs, and update… But what?  I was so clueless on what to listen to.

Here’s the thing, sometimes, I like the music when its rare…  I mean, the melody, and the lyrics and the overall rhythm and all that stuff must be present in the music I like.  But if I frequently hear it (like on the radio) I’d get tired of it, except for some exemptions like Wamdue Project’s “Forgiveness”.  It’s always being aired on 103.5 fm max radio and I still am not tired of hearing it over and over again.

Anyway, if I have a question, I usually just Google it online… but since I don’t know what to search for (lol), I asked my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. 😀

Anyway, I have great friends and followers!  They suggested to me new songs for my Poddy :D  I listed down some of their suggestions and I guess I just want to share as well, two songs that stole my heart.  Here they are 🙂

1. Sky – Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson

I couldn’t put into words, the meaning of the song, any better than this commentor on

I think the song is about two lovers who have bad dreams and wake up worried that their dreams were real, only to see they’re not. It’s ultimately sweet in that it is talking about how when you’re in love, you want to wake up to that person, and waking up with them makes everything all right, no matter what. (“This is the way I need to wake…”)  Also, having that bad dream makes you realize how important it is to let that person know how much you love them, hence the “keep me on my toes.”


I immediately searched for the lyrics of Sky by Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson (again a new artist to me).  I’m struck by the lyrics because I think, almost everyone can relate to the lyrics. Especially me, at this time lol. 🙂

I also like Joshua Radin’s other song – “I’d rather be with you.”  Do check it out here if you want to listen 😀

*Thanks winterheimhdd and Renzie for the suggestion 🙂 love it!

Renzie also suggested Feist but I knew about feist and blogged about them before as well 😛

2.  Bruised – Jack’s Mannequin

This song… is so emo! but I love it!  This song was released a couple of years ago.  I just discovered it for my own… 😀 Thanks Barney for recommending this song!  It’s originally a punk-ish song, but it also had an acoustic version wish I love… The original was amazing!  But the acoustic, to me, is just perfect (at least perfect for my mood now :D).

As for the song’s meaning, it’s all about… *sob* *sob* leaving someone behind :(  My favorite lines are:

“sometimes perfection can be- become the perfect hell”

“I had to give it away, had to give you away.”



Till the next soundtrippin’



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  2. I am currently listening to Geri Halliwell’s old songs from the Schizophonic album. Puro Spice Girls related pine-play ko the past few nights because of our ‘job’ na nasa peak ngayon LOL.

    Need to update my player with new songs as well T_T

  3. hello hannah. nice sound trip! It feels good to listen to these songs especially when it’s raining and I’m broken hearted. 🙂

    I found you through melvin’s blog btw.

  4. Try hitting to check their billboard.. i always download songs that enters the billboard.. because if they are capable to enter the billboard.. i think it will be good.. 🙂 by the way.. try listening to Eminem ft Rihanna – Love the way you lie.. 😀

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