Tweens Unite Against Boredom

If you think TV, radio, Internet or even the latest gaming console will stop them from being bored, think again.

With the majority of the 12- to 24-year-olds saying they’re still bored even with the vast number of entertainment options available to them; the newest generation of tweens will stop at nothing to combat boredom.  True enough, studies show that the bored tweener is more likely to experiment with smoking, alcohol and drugs.  But with Teazperiments, the very first user-generated online youth show from TANG Fruit Teaz, Filipino tweens now have a better option of beating boredom with clean and fun experiments.

"Tweens naturally want to explore things around them, hoping to discover something fun and interesting that would cure their boredom,” says Cindy Abella, Brand Manager for Tang Fruit Teaz.  “Through Teazperiments, we thought this natural curiosity can be geared towards creative and exciting outputs.”

Truly one-of-its-kind here in the Philippines, Teazperiments unites tweens from different school organizations in the metro to combat boredom through the first user-generated online show geared towards the Filipino youth. Here, participating school organizations will be asked to come up with unique teazperiments that can in turn be accessed at

Hosted by celebriteens Ketchup Eusebio and Andi Manzano, This teazperiment localizes the internationally-growing flash mob fad where a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse – leaving the audience amazed by the performance.  Tweens can judge the most fun and creative teazperiment presentation by voting online.  

“Although some adults may find the new flash mob fad to be a little bold for their taste, tweens find the idea is fresh, upbeat and fun,” says Abella.  “We hope that through the teasperiments brought about by TANG Fruit Teaz, we can empower the Filipino youth to make everyday positively experimental, creative and unexpected,” asserts Abella.

So if Gen Xers are content with watching the latest TV series or surfing the Net, the youth of today takes their fun a bit further.  But be it Gen X or Gen Y, both would definitely agree that there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun—well, the good and clean kind, that is.



Teazperiments, the very first user-generated online youth show from TANG Fruit Teaz gives the Filipino tweens a better option of beating boredom with clean and fun experiments (


Top Young Celebs Andi Manzano and Ketchup Eusebio hosts Philippines’ First Ever User-Generated Youth Online Show – Tang Fruit Teaz’ Teazperiments.


UP Theater Council


Trinity University of Asia’s Student Council


La Consolacion College Manila’s – Arte’.Comm


PUP’s Cooperatives Student Council


Dulaang Sibol and Tanghalang Ateneo from Ateneo De Manila University

clip_image018FEU FERN Theater Society

clip_image024San Sebastian Theater Arts Guild

TANG Fruit Teaz is the catalyst that brings together the Filipino youth in becoming experimental, creative, and out-of-the ordinary

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