What Technology Can Really Do For Us

Like any other thing that exists in this world, there are pros and cons. Technology is one of those things I can no longer live without. True, sometimes when I have too much doze of my gizmos, they could bring a lot of stress. But when you know how to use them well, you’ll definitely improve the quality of your life!

Here is my own list of what Technology can really do in my life. Please note that I know there are a lot of disadvantages to technology when abused. I just compiled this list to focus on what technology really can do for us when we use it the right way.

#1 Improve everything!

Technology can improve your work, organization skills, language and education, relationships and so much more that I cannot even enumerate all of them! If you know how to use technology to your advantage, you can improve everything in your life from your work productivity to your fitness state to your relationships!

I actually found my soulmate using an online dating app! Can you believe it? I had no luxury of time to go out everyday and search for the one! It also enabled me to filter through guys I am really interested in based on their profile. I would never have meet my guy if it haven’t been for this dating app I used. Comment below if you want to know what app it is teehee!

These communication apps also enables us to get in touch with friends, family and loved ones so we can always be connected with them. <3

90s gaming consoles
Bonding over 90s gaming consoles

#2 Create jobs that didn’t exist before

Back in 2009, I resigned from my corporate job for a very huge and global company, to explore the world of social media. Back then, “Social Media Managers” didn’t exist and this was also the time where I have already been blogging for 2 years and unknowingly, learned more about branding (my personal brand), utilizing social media and trying to make money online on the side by discovering the power of the internet. I then worked as a freelancer to manage multiple social media sites for big brands because at that time, companies didn’t have that specific job description yet.

Now, you can find a lot of job vacancies for Social Media Managers, Social Media Analysts, Digital Marketing “Ninja”, Online Guru, Ecommerce Analyst, Virtual Assistants and so on and so forth. We are living in an era where everything is possible now. Even those farfetched hoverboards from Back to the Future now exist! Totes amaze!


#3 Capture priceless moments

Every smartphone now has a great camera and lots of apps to document your life. Money can’t buy an upgrade to our memory. Technically, money might be able to buy a healthy lifestyle, but it can only do so much. Capturing our precious moments has never been easier with technology. When I was a kid, it was always just photos and even then, it was quite expensive to get a good camera and develop them, not to mention the hassle of having to walk to a photo store to have the film developed. (On second thought, walking promotes a healthy lifestyle so it’s not so bad.)

We can definitely buy lots of memory cards and hard drives to store our life moments. We can even blog about it, like what I do now. Transfer of information from one generation to another has never been easy!

Check out this video montage of my vacation in Bacolod, filmed using Cherry Mobile Explorer Action Cam and synced with iPhone. I edited everything using my iPhone only! iPhone’s camera is also great for video taking on the go – especially the new iPhone 7 that has a 12 MP, f/1.8, 28mm, phase detection autofocus, OIS, quad-LED (dual tone) flash. If you did not understand what that meant, it just means you can capture great videos even in low light at very high resolution!

#4 Work on the go

Whether it be presentations or a write-up, or simply checking emails. Work has been made convenient because we can take them on the go. Think about that long UBER ride in this crazy Manila traffic. Either you can sleep, or check emails and group chats on the go.

Your boss won’t allow you to take that super long leave. But you can now lobby that you can still be contacted via mobile email from time to time. I hope this doesn’t happen to you because working while on vacation is a horrible circumstance, but if you really need to pay those bills, this is a great compromise.

Working on the go, as you increase your daily steps!

#5 Support a healthy lifestyle

There’s a plethora of mobile apps that you can use to track your diet, weight, miles, steps, sleeping habit, physical activities through wearables, even your stress levels and so much more. There are also innovative medical solutions at your fingertips like consulting a doctor on your mobile phone and more. There’s also a lot of fitness apps, giving you access to virtual trainers.

No more excuses! Being fit can now be accessed under your fingertips
No more excuses! Being fit can now be accessed under your fingertips

Hope you like this compilation of the things technology can do for me at least, and I’m sure you can relate as well. How about you guys, what has technology done for you? Let me know in the comments section below.



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