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I miss blogging just because of nothing. I don’t even know what I’m saying here, I’m confusing myself again. 😛

I am loving my Blackberry so much!!! Well, aside from the fact that this was given to me by my hot boyfriend because I was drooling over every Blackberry unit I see, this gadget had been the most useful phone I have ever had in my life ever!

I am composing this blog post via WordPress app for Blackberry so go figure :P.

I love mobile blogging! I don’t think anyone is ever as addicted to mobile blogging in the world apart from me. I think that posting stuff immediately as it happens gives you more power. It makes your blog post relevant.

That’s the reason why I so wanted to speak in Wordcamp 2010 about mobile blogging… I have already submitted my topic proposal to the speakers registration form but it is not super sure yet if they approve of my topic. I hope they do because I have so much to share!

Please let me know if you also want me to speak for Wordcamp 2010 about mobile blogging :D. PLs pls pls let me know by commenting bellow pls pls pls 🙂

*Trivia: my site is mobile browser friendly 😀

These qwerty keypads really help in mobile blogging 😀

I am plugging BB too much. They should sponsor me now or at least Tek Tok TV lol.

Anyway, apart from mobile blogging with Blackberry, I also am in touch with my friends better with the bbm app. The mail function of BB is just amazing that I never miss any important emails and invites anymore.

*did you know that you can also transact money through BPI mobile banking application? It’s so amazing! You can reload your phone, transfer funds, pay bills and all you need is our mobile phone. Pretty neat huh…

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Blog posted using Blackberry handheld device an Worpress BB app.

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  1. Woot! I think you’ll be the perfect speaker for Mobile Blogging because you are addicted to it LOL 😛

    Shocks, Wordcamp 2010. We met at Wordcamp 2008 and that time, i thought you were working for Nuffnang hahaha memories :))

  2. Im keeping a look at the wordcamp.ph website almost everyday and im not seeing any updates thus far..

    i would love to speak to but then its more of a far-fetched thingy for me. hehehe..

  3. I want you to speak at wordcamp 2010 about mobile blogging!!! I’m drooling over a phone that can support that but not as expensive as BB. I want a Spica T_T yung pinapamigay dun sa kabilang blog HAHAHA

    Hahaha, I’m so excited for wordcamp 2010, after my very first iblog, my very first wordcamp naman 😀 this, time i’ll try not to be shy anymore hihihi 😛

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