Beach Hut 100 SPF Put to the Test

So, one day, I received this package at home and my younger sister thought it was PIZZA!


Served Fresh, Hot and FAST!


But surprise! It’s the new Beach Hut sunblock lotion with SPF 100!!! OMG

I know there were lots of bloggers who already blogged about this, but I had to take it with me to Boracay on a test run!


Last weekend, I was sent to Boracay to cover the Boracay Open Ultimate Frisbee.

My role: photographer / sports journalist (for my own blog 😛 )

(Yes, for my blog, I can be whatever title I want me to be)



Super cute content!  They included two products: Beach Hut 100 spf lotion for the body and the Beach Hut spf 65 for the face.


Just some cutie they included – underwater camera!  I haven’t tried this though…

My notes:

– not sticky

– it is moisturizing

– lotion wasn’t as thick as I though it would be (100spf hello!)

– It doesn’t smell like a swimming pool. (doesn’t smell like a laboratory)

– although, like any other lotion sunblock, it kind of is white-ish when applied on skin, but

– this thing gets absorbed by my skin easily (at least for me)



I wanted to give this poor guy wearing a really big sombrero a sunblock!



I needed to capture some nice Frisbee moves – well hello 6 pack!



Me and Jane taking Frisbee lessons c/o Hygienix booth!



at the end of the day, after hours of basking under the sun, I just got a healthy tan 🙂

I don’t mind getting dark, it’s more of the invisible UV rays I’m worried of.

and of course, after hours of waiting for photo ops with this guy, the waiting paid off



Whaddup Derek Ramsay!

Patience is a virtue 😛


More About Beach Hut SPF 100

The first sun block in the country with 100 SPF protection. Now, you can go the beach and do hundreds of things under the sun without worrying about damaging your skin! Plus, it’s non-messy and non sticky! It’s uber sweatproof and waterproof and provides up to 99% UVA/UVB protection.

*of course, the basic rule with sunblocks apply – reapply every 2 hours!

I haven’t checked the price in the market but I think it will be around P400 – P500.  Good enough to highly lessen the risk of any skin damage 😉

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