Beach Hut Sunblock is made for Candy



I went surfing for two consecutive weeks and when I got back to the office, my officemate Lush Angel saidHannah!?!  You look like a local already!” … “OMG!  Look at your legs!

… so I looked at it and I was like… “ZOMiGee!!! It’s charcoal!!!”


Before the surf trips, my complexion was darker than last year because of my constant trips to the beach and travels everywhere here in the Philippines and abroad.  After my surf heaven… I got supper tanned… Lying down the my board to catch some awesome waves includes me being grilled like crazy! like wow Hannah is that you??? I can only see your teeth and your eyes one!  T___T

To my every problem, I always find a solution! (Like the one where I have my monthly visitor on while surfing – to post about it soon)

Ah… Protection is bliss!  To every harmful and unexpected things… it is best to have protection always!  Having protection = Peace of mind… Am I right or am I right? It’s a general rule… you always want to be protected… and don’t think about other things because right now I’m just talking about Sunblock and nothing else 😛

But I hate sunblock!  I hate how it smells and I hate the sticky eeeew-y feeling!

My same remorse until I found this Candy!


I seem to be hyper-promoting again am I?  you know me… I don’t promote things and stuff I don’t believe in!

Why I love it:

UVA/UVB – I bought the SPF 75 Beach Hut Sunblock and it’s the highest in the market so far!  With that I don’t have to worry much about me grilling my skin in the sun anymore and focus on finding myself some AWESOME waves!

Sweat-proof – I don’t sweat when I swim or surf 😛 but in case I go hiking or travel to some sun-shiny humid area like my Formula 1 trip in Singapore this September in Singapore, then this would also be really really helpful!

Water-proof – common sense darlings… If it is not water-proof  then what would be the use of the SPF 75?

not messy! – unlike lotions where you need to take time to apply it or else if you put lotion sunblock quickly, you might look like a canvas with wet paint on! YUCKS!

not greasy! – lotions got them many oils and if you touch other people they’d be like “Dude, get out omma way!”

Invisible! – You won’t look like Michael Jackson when you apply this… when you apply regular lotion sunblock… you wood!

tastes… I mean, smells like me! –>CANDY! 😛 but it still smells tropical and beachy… but at least it doesn’t smell like your clubhouse’s pool or chlorine.

The down:

I can’t think of anything except that it’s a bit pricey… >.<  but since it’s liquid and convenient, you use only a small amount per skin area and that means the bottle can be used for long!  Unlike lotion sunblocks, it might look big but if you apply it to your whole body, it would be nearly empty!

So far that’s it!  I will be off surfing again next weekend and now I can focus more on my surfing than my charcoal-ing! 😛

The price for this one is almost PHP 600.  It’s a big bottle.  If that is too expensive for you, you can buy the small ones at around PHP 200.  Contents are small but I bet you can use it many times because it is just really matipid.  Also, the lower SPF ones are cheaper… but still SPF 30s can do fine… as long as you don’t use that when you’re sun-bathing at 12nn 😛


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  1. Pingback: scloward
  2. Woot! Will check this one out 🙂

    Grabe nasunog ako sa Bora. Naging negra ako for a while lol the worst thing there is sa hands and partly sa legs ako nagkasunburn. Sa likod wala lol fail (doh)

  3. ha?! I saw that yesterday lang!!! I was supposed to buy it nga eh kaya lang I was thinking what am I going to do with 2 bottles?! Errr! Sayang!!! There’s even a package na for hair and scalp ang kasama ng sunblock!

  4. ah… yep I saw that pero spf20 lang… I bought the SPF 75++ one… yong di sale 🙁 but guess what summore… I bought a surfboard as well **faints**

  5. Blog hopping here! I’ve used the same brand and it was really working. Not sure but it was the cheapest brand I found in one supermarket in Makati before.

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