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Every time I get sick, people would suggest for me to take Berocca.  I often ignore it because I usually don’t take vitamines because I’m lazy like that sometimes.

I get sick usually because I overwork myself or my immune system becomes less effective due to – lack of sleep, stress and maybe incomplete diet.

But over time, the name got stuck into my head.  Finally I had to try it since everyone is raving about it! I wasn’t sure if it functioned as a mouthwash medicine or as syrup or a tablet and what it really does so I made a research first.


Berocca is a soluble tablet that you drop in cold water.  You let it dissolve and drink it like juice.  It actually tastes just like a soda juice and it tastes like an energy drink that I used to drink when I was reviewing for the board exams.

The main difference is that Berocca contains no caffein, artificial stimulants, artificial preservatives and sugar but gives more vitamins and minerals that should help me in periods of stress and if I’m in need of a little push to lift up my physical limits.

Pushing myself to the limits with sports and the many activities I do everyday

I used to go out clubbing a lot and I can last ’til 4am just dancing… I feel like lately, I can only stand ’til 12am and I’d be yawning by then.  Sad reality is – I think I’m aging!

I take Berocca in the morning since I start my day early by jogging 2km in the morning and doing some lifts in the playground.  I work early from 7-12 noon.  In the afternoon, I go to meetings and events.  In the evening I have my Pole class.  I usually take mine in the morning, but if I want to keep awake even late till midnight (to go clubbing or traveling) I take Berocca with my lunch.

Sometimes I don’t know how I manage to do everything that I do.  Especially that I need to keep awake when I write.  If before, the only way for me to survive a writing session was to eat junk food to keep me awake, now I’m glad to have Berocca instead.

Berocca is a multivitamin and mineral tablet that contains different vitamines such as Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folacin, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc with vitamins B and C in higher dosage.



The two main ingredients that Berocca gives are Vitamin B-Complex and C.  Vitamin C is of course known to boost our immune system and serves as an anti-oxidant so that our cells don’t rust and mutate into cancer cells.  This would be the main ingredient to keep me from having the sniffles and also make me feel energetic! The Vitamin B complex helps our body release energy from food to support vitality and stamina.  Something I could definitely need for my pole dancing and running!  It helps healthy metabolism, and don’t we all want that?


The other vitamins have their own functions.  Calcium for enhanced muscle contraction bones and tendons, Magnesium to help release energy from food and Zinc to keep immune system and skin healthy.

You can read more about the benefits of Berocca on their official website:

*This post is sponsored by Berocca.






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