Boredom, Blizzards and Idiots

Our lifestyles have changed over time.  Most of us can’t stand doing nothing at one certain time.  We tinker on our iPads, cellphones and laptops when we’re idle and waiting.  I hate lines in the bank.  Some banks don’t allow the use of cellphone, so I wait in line for 15 minutes doing absolutely nothing.  O_o

On the other hand, some great things sprung from boredom.

For instance, this blog of mine was a product of boredom.  I never would have imagined blogging to be a very big part of my life 2 years after I started it – and I was just bored.

Just recently, some guy in Astoria New York City, probably just got bored by staying inside the house with a blizzard going on the Upper East Coast.  So, he went out and documented the blizzard.  Right now, his video is going viral and is trending in Twitter and Google.  Life gave him lemons and he made a lemonade out of it.  He was bored, and he did something spontaneous, and now, his home-made video/documentary, is sought after.  Making the most out of a bad situation and boredom Smile with tongue out The short film is called Idiot with a Tripod by Jamie Stuart.

Idiot with a Tripod by Jamie Stuart

To all of you who are saying “I could do that too” or “I was thinking of doing that too” – well, the difference between you and Jamie Stuart is – he’s bored and he’s a DO-er Smile His videos are being posted everywhere – YouTube, Vimeo etc.  and is going viral and is everywhere Smile

Be inspired.

Being bored and doing nothing for once, can be very calming and inspiring.

Just a thought before I say good bye to a very great year – 2010.  Thank you for making it great.

2011 – Bring it on baby!


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