Day 3 of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Race!

This is it! It’s Day 3 of the F1 races and Day 3 Sunday was the most exciting one because it’s the race day!

I have witnessed the 2008 and 2009 Singapore Grand Prix and I must say, 2010 is the best race ever.  Many say that Singapore Grand Prix is boring because there’s not much of overtaking.  I beg to disagree because this year, Singapore Tourism Board gave me great tickets to the Stamford Grandstand worth 30k bucks and I witnessed a lot of overtaking there!

I posted photos of Michael Schumacher and Nick Heidfeld’s accident right in front of me.  Nick Heidfeld’s car got bumped on the safety barricades at the circuit’s walls and Michael Schumacher spun almost a 360 degrees, pointing him to a wrong direction.  Michael Schumacher was lucky  not to have any major issues on his car but Nick’ Heidfeld’s crash on the walls caused a substantial damage to his car, leading him out of the race.

Hamilton also had an accident near our grandstand and I saw a lot of non-fans cheering… I cheered with them!  I am not really a Lewis Hamilton fan.  I am a fan of his girlfriend though – Nicole Scharzinger, who had always been with him in the races.  He was caught on camera taking photos of Hamilton riding the F1 car before the race with a DSLR.  I forgot what brand she’s using lol.

I also attached photos of other cars overtaking each other.  I got lucky with my Grandstand tickets.  I am so glad that this year, I got the chance to experience being seated at the Padang Grandstand and Stamford Grandstand.  This gave me better knowledge on the best seats for everyone who’s asking me about the Singapore Grand Prix.  Padang Grandstand, worth 20k bucks is good if you want to be close to the hawker food center and the concert grounds.  Stamford Grandstands is a 5-8 minute walk from Padang Grandstand (a bit farther from the food and the concert ground) but Turn 7 and 8 is along this grandstand and this is usually where cars take the opportunity to overtake!

I would like to say thanks to the friends who helped me win the Rev and Rave contest: Mica, Jehz, Ada, Kristel, Angela, Stephen and of course Vince Smile You guys rock!!!

Also thanking Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and Stratworks and all the Rev and Rave partners for making this all possible Smile Thanking also Nick who drove us around Singapore  (Through STB) Smile thanks so much that was the most enjoyable Singapore stay ever!


Friendly, Chill and Cool F1 Fan (strangers) who keep offering to take our photos for us Smile

That’s what I love about Singapore GP, locals and tourists are friendly Smile They are all in a good mood.

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (3)

Got a chance to take photos with Michael Schumacher’s vintage car that will take him around the circuit during the F1 driver’s parade

Vince isn’t really an F1 fan.  But when he heard the first F1 car zoomed in front of him, he was instantly converted!

Of course he knows the legendary Michael Schumacher!

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (15)

Stamford Grandstands and the Stamford Grandstand suite above.  (I don’t know how much the suites cost)

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (26)

Me on the upper most left part of the Stamford Grandstand.

This spot is great for photographers!  It’s nearest Turn 7!  There were also two seats that aren’t numbered (meaning, it’s assigned to no one technically)

So, I arrived early, and claimed the seat for myself lol.

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (32)

aww <3 Cute Sebastian Vettel who placed 2nd on the race

look a the F1 crew, they’re also taking photos of the drivers lol

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (58)

Lewis Hamilton

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (14)

Michael Schumacher!

I can’t believe my card suddenly went full!  So I had to quickly erase some photos to make room for Schumi!

The back is all I got Sad smile

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (23)

Fernando Alonso! F1 Singapore Grand Prix winner!  He had a perfect race!

Perfect race meaning he had the Pole position at the grid and he was never overtaken and he also had the fastest time in the practice.


This is what I was talking about earlier.  Michael Schumacher spinning.


Nick Heidfeld’s car being towed.


Heikki Kovalainen’s car caught with fire.

I wuz like OMG!!! It’s the first time I’ve seen a fire while watching F1 (live or on TV)!!!


and of course, my all-time favorite driver in his invisible F1 car, zooming at 1000kph… The people barely noticed him because he was as fast as Superman, as you can see in the picture Smile with tongue out


Nick, a local from Singapore drove us around our entire stay and took out to party at the Power Station and to Geylang for some buns… not the kind of buns you green minded folks are thinking of, but buns like Siew Pao (siopao), beef kway teow and many more!

Also next to come is my luxurious experience traveling with Singapore Airlines Smile

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