Day 6 Contest Question: Where are we?

It’s my last and final question ladies but all of the contests from Day 1 to 6 are still open. 🙂

Contest will be closed on May 30, 2010 (Sunday) at 11:59 😛

Winners will be announced on Monday, May 31 2010.

I had fun reading all of your answers to all of the contest questions… Indeed you guys are creative, talented and smart.  Let’s have some more fun and answer this fun question!

Here’s the day 6 question:

Where are we? State reason (elaborate). Why do you think are we using a clear transparent umbrella?


Two easy questions 🙂 your answers don’t have to be correct.  Just guess where we are (it may be a real place or not be creative).  There are no correct or wrong answers, but I will just pick the MOST CREATIVE and MOST ENTERTAINING answer.

Good luck and have fun!

Contest Guidelines:

1. Answer on the comment section with your name and email address. (If you don’t want to make your email address public, just make sure you provide a valid email address in the comment form.)

2. Only 1 entry per person, per post. You can comment again and join the other question of the day’s, but you can only win once.

3. Only ladies are allowed to join (sorry boys, that was specific in BFAD registration). The boys however are encouraged to let their girl friends join the contest.

4. I will pick the best and most creative answer for this contest.

5.  Contest only open to local viewers (Philippines)

6. Read the Full Terms and Conditions here.

In addition:

You can join again the final contest (all expense trip) even if you won the contest for the gift. Yaye!

I’m so excited for you guys ^_^



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  2. You were along Marcos Highway were the scenic view of the mountains with fresh morning fog are captured by the photo. you are ready for the shoot but Ada and Nikki are still memorizing some part of the script for the Vaseline TV ad. 🙂

  3. That picture is in Kennon Road but I will forget about that and say you are in the cliffs near the fjords of Austria or Sweden. My imagination had me teleport the three of you to that place. 🙂 You are wearing head gears so it isn’t that cold but you all forgot your booties and because it is summer in the Philippines you three would rather wear some comfy flipflops. I am sorry I teleported you immediately and forgot to change your complete snow/fjord ensemble. You are using a clear and transparent umbrella just because you want an unobstructed view of the cloudy skies above and you splattered on Vaseline anyway so even if the SUN is out hiding, you are still protected. Then again, clear umbrellas are the cutest no matter the reason is.

    Name: Kessa Thea
    Email: [email protected]

  4. You are somewhere in Benguet having your last photo shoot but since its a little bit cold outside you wouldn’t able to show your sexy smile. You are using a clear transparent umbrella because it’s drizzling outside.

  5. you are on your way to baguio and all of a sudden, you have this urge to take pictures of you at the roadside. of course you are not afraid of the sunshine because you are using vaseline spf 24 healthy white triple lightening lotion that is why you are using a clear umbrella. you have enough protection because it has 3 times more protection!

  6. One of the side roads going up to Baguio, sun wasn’t up that high because if it was it would have bounced back through that transparent umbrella. I was a misty cold day going to Baguio but then again whether there’s no sun Vaseline Healthy White 3x lightening lotion will give you that protection from bad UV rays. You guys were posing for a group photo behind that awesome landscape.

  7. You are on your way to Candy Mountain searching for Charlie the Unicorn! LOL! You are on your way to save Charlie and bring him back home since he is too weak because they got his kidney. 😛 It could be seen in your faces that you haven’t lost hope yet. And you strongly believe that you will find Charlie the Unicorn and everything would be alright. HOLD ON CHARLIE THE UNICORN!! And of course in embarking in this great search and rescue for Charlie the Unicorn, you didn’t forgot to bring VASELINE along with you. You have Vaseline Healthy White Lotion with SPF 24 and triple lightening and of course Vaseline Healthy Sunblock with SPF 30 with you. These would surely protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. So even if you are using a clear umbrella to match the cuteness of Candy Mountain, you girls are confident that the sun could do you no harm! 😀

    Erica Naranjo
    rush_erica04 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  8. These three beautiful tropic fairies are somewhere at the other end of the rainbow, trying to find the Eve garden at the other end where a pot of gold lies! They are having fun on their lush trip- in fact, they stop for a while to take a pretty pose over the colorful dazzling rainbow! They are wearing their blossom dresses, pink comfy flipflops, ivory bonnets plus a clear transparent umbrella- to protect them under the sun! The umbrella has a great protection because of Vaseline Healthy White Lotion with SPF 24 and triple lightening on it that would make them succeed in their candy mission!
    [email protected]

  9. You are three travellers captured by the mountain people of Benguet to be offered to their Sun-god at the edge of a volcano. But because you generously applied Vaseline lotion and sunblock, you are protected and the Sun-god has no power over you. You had planned to use the umbrella as a parachute in case the mountain people would throw you over the edge but they couldn’t move themselves because they were stunned that you made their Sun-god powerless. 🙂

    Annaliza Martin
    [email protected]

  10. From the movie Sound of Music

    starring the Tres Marias

    Hannah of FlairCandy
    Ada of Adaphobic
    Nikki of Askmewhats

    The film opens with wide panoramas of the Alps and the lush, green Austrian countryside, and then zooms in on Tres Marias

    Ada to throw the umbrella and the tres Marias will run, ♪singing The hills are alive with the sound of music..
    ♪with Vaseline Healthy Sunblock!we have no worries when under the sun!

  11. You started your last day in Baguio very early that you find yourselves chilling. You got in a cab but somewhere near Kennon Road that promises great view, Manong Taxi Driver said he’s gonna pee. And so he got out of the cab. With a great view just near, you all can’t resist to take some snapshots, you got off the cab and pose in a nice scenery. Got a stranger to take your photo when all of a sudden the cab drives off with all of your things! That’s why in the picture Ada is kind of sad, Nikki clueless and Hannah just bewildered. You’re using the clear transparent umbrella because that’s the only thing you saved aside from the DLSR you used for this photo.

  12. ANTM Cycle 15 Finale Teaser (contestants are from any country other than the US): It’s down to the final three of America’s Next Top Model, Ada, Hannah and Nikki. Five episodes ago, for their fashion destination, they have flown in to Ilocos Norte. Subsequent episodes were shot there and in Baguio, where they travelled next. They are currently at one of the cliffs in Baguio and they have just filmed their Vaseline commercial challenge and are now having a group photo shoot prior to their individual ones. They have to out shine their competition while standing under a transparent umbrella prop and pose with knitted bonnets so that their faces would be the focus.

    Who will go home? Who will go head to head on the walk-off? And Who will become the Next Top Model?

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