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Just when you thought your luggage is safe with your own locks, it is still not.  The easiest way to hack inside your luggage is actually through the zippers.  I have actually tried opening my own luggage using only a ball point ballpen.  Check out this video to see what I mean.  There wouldn’t be any trace of any damage because you just have to zip back the bag and it will return to its natural state.

In that case, you wouldn’t actually know if your bag is hacked in airports and anywhere else!

Especially when people travel because of business, we bring more valuables that could possibly be stolen – eek!

What’s worse than having a thief steal things from your bag is for syndicates to put illegal items without your knowledge.  I have heard real life horror stories about this one and it’s just scary to think that it could happen to me.


*off to Boracay

When I was in Boracay, I just took my time to really rest and call it a vacation.

I was there for 5 days and I just enjoyed our nice accommodation at our hotel and watched some Discovery Channel.  They have this show that features on tourists get locked up in a foreign country.  I learned that being locked up abroad could be the most disturbing thing that could ever happen to your life.

Anyway, I’m not scaring you away guys – I’m just making you aware.  When things like that eventually do happen to you, seek help at once, be aware of your surroundings when you are traveling and note suspicious activities.  If you are in a foreign country, find the nearest Philippine Embassy near you.

With that, how far would you go to protect your bag?

Delsey developed Zip Securi Tech to make travel both hassle-free and worry-free.


Zip Securi Tech is a patented zip closure system that will ease your mind of worries and that is forced-open resistant.


Delsey luggage technology maintains the lightweight yet durable materials and the addition of the revolutionary zipper does not add to the weight of a Delsey luggage. Though the Delsey zipper looks like the conventional kind, the Zip Securi Tech is consisted of two layers of zipper which is sturdier which deter would-be thieves. In contrast to normal zipper system that can be easily re-zipped up to conceal that it has been illegally opened.


an added security measure, zippers tucked-in in one place so that the thieves can’t manipulate it.

You have the option to leave it at this or add an additional lock in between zippers.


The Zip Securi Tech system is another innovation of Delsey. More than luggage security, it is the consumers’ peace of mind that Delsey value the most. It is the company’s contribution in seeing the world wonderful and worry-free.


Delsey Premium French Luggage is available at all The Travel Club Stores, Duty Free, selected SM Malls, Robinsons, Landmark nationwide. 

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  2. Reminds me of the camera I lost during my recent flight to Bacolod. I checked it in at Zestair and when I arrived home, only the case was left. Buti na lang it was a digicam only. I carried my SLR with me. 🙁

    Pero still. traumatizing na.

  3. Creepy nga when you get locked up in another country. I’ve read about this blog from a girl who was suspected of something in Indonesia nga. Graveh!

    Good thing there are those luggages na zipper-technology-protected. Hmmm, hopefully it ain’t too costly. 🙂

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