Destination: Melaka (Malacca)

Melaka (Melakka, Malacca) is known to be a town rich in culture.  It’s only about roughly an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.  I was so excited to go to Melaka as it is one of the historical city centers that are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This city had some Portuguese influence in it and you will find Churches built for Christians.

Satkuru, Aaron, Alvin, Wiliam, Jess, Steven and McBone took me to Melaka :D  This post contains the many things I saw and experienced while we were walking around Melaka.

Destination Melaka (1)

Me and William waited for Sat, Jess, Steven, McBone, Aaron and Alvin at Asia Cafe.  I ate some Asado Beef noodles I think (you know how heavy of a breakfast eater I am)

and of course, my favorite, Milk Tea 😀

Destination Melaka (3)

I look different and weird here… I look 10 pounds more lol

Destination Melaka (4)

This is Jess ^_^ One of the sweetest Malaysians I know 🙂

My first impression of her when we finally met “Wow, she’s tall”

Her first impression of me “Oh, she’s small”


Four Feet Eleven baby 😛

Destination Melaka (5)

On Williams car with Me, Aaron and Alvin.

No cam-whoring inside car lol

We kinda all wore read.

It wasn’t planned.

Destination Melaka (7)

I didn’t know how to spell “Melaka” at first.  There seems to be different spellings like “Melakka” and “Malacca”

Good thing I grabbed a snapshot of this signage.

“Melakka” – is just a misspelling

“Malacca” – appears to be the English word counterpart of the place

(I remembered Malacca from our Asian History Studies in High School)

Destination Melaka (8)

Entering the City of Melaka 😀

Destination Melaka (10)

Outside “Christ Church” a dozen of Pedicabs decorated with flowers were parked nicely 😀

Destination Melaka (12)

A busy street in Melaka.  It had really tiny roads.

Destination Melaka (13)

Aaron’s shirt says “I’m Surrounded by Idiots”

>.< grr

“Selamat Tahun Baru Cina” which means…

(I don’t know really :P)

Destination Melaka (14)

Sign pointing to “Eye on Malaysia”

Destination Melaka (16)

Me taking a picture of William taking my picture, who also is taking my picture while I was taking a picture of him.

Get it? lol

Destination Melaka (17)

Aaron behind me has a “wtf” face as I cam-whore lol


Destination Melaka (19)

I don’t know what this is, it was just nice taking photos of it because it is red.

The structures and buildings around Melaka are painted with the same shade of red.

Destination Melaka (20)

Even the Church is Red.

More about the Christ Church on my next blog post 😀

Destination Melaka (21)

Guess who 😛

Destination Melaka (22)

We headed to Pahlawan mall to chill 😀

Destination Melaka (23)

Fountain inside the Pahlawan Mall in Melaka

Destination Melaka (24)

Lovely Plane, GGP alert lol (inside joke)

Destination Melaka (26)

Train for display (doesn’t work)

Destination Melaka (28)

I am not quite sure what this wall is, but it looks like our very own Intramuros.

Destination Melaka (27)

Close up 😀

Destination Melaka (36)

Silhouette of the Portuguese Ship Museum.  Shooting against the light is a challenge.

Destination Melaka (30)

This is actually a part of the Portuguese ship.  I think they used this river as ports before 😛

Looking back at it now, I could feel again how relaxing it is just to sit under the tree 😀

Destination Melaka (31)

The old school Portuguese Ship looks pretty.  It’s like I’m being transported into a time capsule or something.


When traveling Melaka, make sure to bring light colored clothes and very comfy ones like spaghetti strap, sleeveless tops, shorts and sandals.  It is very hot in here!  I wanted to wear a bikini lol.  Just bring water as well to prevent dehydration.  But remember, do not take too much water too!  You don’t want to have the urge to pee all the time while traveling. 😛

On my next Blog posts: Christ Church, St. Paul’s Church Ruins, Bowling in Pahlawan Mall, Taming Sari and Dinner in Melaka (Satay Celup)

Till next time 🙂



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  2. “My first impression of her when we finally met “Wow, she’s tall”

    Her first impression of me “Oh, she’s small””

    -heheh lols, it made me laugh.. 🙂

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