Do-It-Yourself Home Detox for the Digestive Tract

On the first week of the year, I underwent a Detox or Digestive Tract cleansing by myself using Dr. Jason Penaranda’s Digestive Cleansing kit of Aesthetic Science.  Talk about beauty within, I believe that my digestive tract is very pretty after I underwent this self-administered procedure.  The process made me go to the toilet A LOT, but that’s a part of the process.  After all those toxins flushed out of my system I feel healthier inside and out!  I lost 1 pound worth of just all plain bad toxins during the 14 hour cleansing.

I know a lot of you have been asking about how and where I did it and I think it’s time to share this to all of you because it’s Prom season, Valentines Day or Single Awareness day and Summer is fast approaching.  So, before you plan a diet for you to lose some weight or go to the gym to drop some pounds and tone that abs, I suggest that you do a detox first Smile Not only will you feel healthier, it will make your diet and gym workout sessions more effective.  You can do this detox for a price not more than P3,000 and you do this for 14 hours.

Here are my notes that I got from Dr. Jason on the Digestive Tract Cleansing Detox for more detailed information.

Digestive Tract Cleansing

Dr. Jason Penaranda’s Digestive Cleansing is a 2-day detoxification that cleanses the liver, gallbladder, small intestines, and colon.  The procedure is actually just 14 hours but there is a diet and fasting preparation and runs to the toilet after.

This method is a modification of Dr Hulda Clark’s (1928-2009) Gallstone and Liver Flush.  Similar procedure3s are being offered in wellness centers and some hotels where you will be booked overnight.  The procedures will be administered to you and you will be pampered with a lot of other things.  Depending on where you do it and the type of your accommodation, you will be charged anywhere from P8,000 to P30,000 or higher.  If you feel that you need to be assisted personally while doing it, it is advisable that you go to those places where it is done.

However, not all patients can set aside 2 days to be confined in a center or part readily with their hard-earned moneyh for this procedure.  To address this issue, Dr. Jason Penaranda at Aesthetic Science prapared all the materials in a package.  He enhanced the formulation with local herbs to make it more effective and cover even the small intestines and the colon.  They then teach their patients how the procedure is done, which they can do conveniently at their homes and at their own time.  They also provide a hotline that they can call while undergoing the procedure.

Advantages of doing the Digestive Cleansing

The Digestive Cleansing is a high-impact, short-term detoxification method.  It removes a big bulk of the toxins in the liver, gallbladder, small intestines, and colon, in a short period of time.  It basically jumpstarts the detoxification so you begin the cleansing process faster and start the momentum easier.

For General Health.  Nutrition is one of the major factors affecting health and well-being and is dependent on an efficient digestive system.  Doing the Digestive cleansing helps “tune-up” the digestive system to digest and absorb nutrients from food better, allowing you to maximize the benefits of the food that you eat.

For Weight Loss.  The liver is the main organ that metabolizes fats.  Unfortunately, the liver is also the most abused internal organ since most of the toxins that enter our body end up in the liver first.  Liver functions eventually get compromised.  By cleansing it, the liver gets to metabolize fats better and weight loss exercises become more effective.

For Other Illnesses.  The accumulation of toxins in the body is a major contribution to the generation of a lot of our health problems.  By cleansing the digestive system and the whole body, you are providing your body with an internal environment that it needs in order to bring you back to your ideal healthy state.  Common conditions that have been noted to improve after doing the Digestive Cleansing include allergies, asthma, irregular bowel movement, irregular sleeping patterns, elevated cholesterol, abnormal liver function tests, fatigue and manby more.

If you want a body beautiful figure inside and out, you can speak with Dr. Jason of Aesthetic Science using the details below.

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  1. Being pretty inside (digestive system and all) makes you prettier outside (glowing skin and acne free) 😉 DETOXing I like!!!!

  2. haha, there are other methods I heard like lemon detox and many other things I found online, pero iba talaga if the detox is doctor formulated. 🙂

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