Easy Pha-max Lifestyle Center Grand Opening

Hey guys, it’s New Year and I know you have your own New Years resolutions and I bet one of them has something to do with your health and fitness Smile Here’s another way to get your resolutions working well.  I’m sharing with you another way to a more beautiful, cleaner you – inside and out.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the many qualities and nutrients you can get from drinking Wheat Grass ^_^  Easy Pha-max has been the country’s leading distributor of wheatgrass-based health products.  Easy Phamax is unique among other Wheat Grass products because it’s the only one that also uses the roots of the wheat grass which has more nutrients that’s good for your body.

The first Lifestyle Center that gives Filipinos easy access to health resources in a relaxed setting opened just yesterday, January 20 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia.  Mall shoppers looking for other healthy lifestyle options will find their answer in the Lifestyle Center located at the 2nd level, south wing of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

Easy Pha-max CEO Edward Ling said it is one-stop for the company’s wheatgrass-based health products that include Wheatgrass Pure, Wheatgrass with Honey, Bio Coffee, So Easy Colon Cleanse, Whea-gee (for kids), Bio Soy Milk, Skywheatgrass Plus, Insupro Forte (anti-diabetes), among others.  Other products like Wheatgrass ready-to-drink (in can) will retail soon.

What is Easy Pha-max Wheat Grass?

To those who still have no clue about the benefits wheat grass can give to your body, then allow me to explain.

Easy Pha-max is a subsidiary of INS Bioscience which is engaged in the scientific research and development and commercialization of herbal remedies and bioscience products in Malaysia.  Easy Pha-max is the only company that uses both the leaves and roots of the wheatgrass to get the maximum amount of proteins, minerals and chlorophyll that neutralize toxins and restores alkalinity to the blood.

Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 029

Me and Vince enjoying our Wheat grass drink.

What’s in the Lifestyle Center?

You will be surprised – because I was!  This is when I say being healthy isn’t boring! Being healthy is cool!

Many things are going on in the Easy Pha-max Lifestyle center customers shopping at the mall can have their health check-ups from experience nurses and dietitians.

Some of the cool check-ups are:

  • Live Blood Analysis (LBA) – identifies traces of cholesterol, uric acid and damaged cells in the blood
  • Body Scan – it provides information on the body’s health condition and can tell you your “metabolic” age


My goodness – I bet my “metabolic” age is of a 40 year old.  But some healthy folks in the lifestyle center have a younger “metabolic” age than their real age O_o.  Unfortunately, I ran off to another meeting and wasn’t able to have my LBA and Body Scan tests.  But, I will do this soon and I will share my results even if I fail Laughing out loud.  This will challenge me to achieve a more beautiful blood stream and healthier skin, hair and physique follows when your insides are healthy Smile

Grand Launch of the Easy Pha-max Lifestyle Center in SM Mall of Asia

We were graced by Easy Pha-max endorser Dyan Castillejo.  Dyan is a sposrtscaster/athlete who has been endorsing Easy Pha-max for two years already.  She mentioned that she could talk about health and fitness for a long time and how Easy Pha-max has been a part of her daily diet.

Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 030Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 023

Dyan Castillejo and Edward Ling of Easy Pha-max

Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 027

“Where have you been all my life wheat grass?”

Stay healthy everyone – remember, health is wealth! ^_^

check out their website at http://www.easypha-max.ph/


Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 040

I love Grass <3

Flair Candy Smile

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