Exercise During My Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

The NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program encourages me to exercise! 

So yes, exercise is good with my new healthy lifestyle kicked off by my 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse diet!   Find your exercise!  Find the exercise that fits your schedule and your goal.  As for me, I’ve been busy lately but there’s no excuse to exercise – I exercise at home.






The often most neglected part of any exercise is warm-up, stretching and conditioning.

And since I burned some good calories after a good exercise at home, I have to put bananas in my NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereal for dinner and maybe add 1 hard-boiled egg for protein (for muscle repair). My goal is to lose the fat and gain healthy muscle!




The most important part about the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program is that it trains my body to crave less, eat healthy, less of the junk, but at the same time it doesn’t deprive me of a full-on healthy meal every day! It trains my body to eat more nutritious food that complements my exercise, making it more effective in losing weight!

They also say, the more you exercise, the more you improve your body’s metabolism. NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program also has the same goal. By eating 2 meals of NESTLÉ FITNESSE Cereal, 1 balanced meal, and 2 healthy snacks in between is actually more effective in improving my body’s metabolism than skipping meals and starving myself. This is based on my past experiences when I do 2-day crash diets and then end up gaining more weight than I should.


Check out the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-day Journal App on Facebook!

Good news friends! To aid you in your fitness goals, NESTLÉ FITNESSE gives you the 14-day Journal app on Facebook!




It’s a very helpful app to keep track of your daily meals and even exercise!


If you’re clueless on what exercise you need to do, don’t worry! Just log into your NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-day Journal and click on the Daily Exercise Tip button!


fitnesse 9


fitnesse 7


Now you don’t have any excuse to skip exercise along with your NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day diet!


What are you waiting for? a new you awaits!  All you need is to take the first step!


Like the Nestle Fitnesse Facebook page and use the 14-Day Journal app now!

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Lots of love,


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