Sometimes, the less words you use, the more effective the message. The more you explain, the more you derail your point.

When I can’t sleep, it’s because my brain is on overdrive. It’s exhausting trust me. I’d rather sleep and rest and wake up anew. Did you know that sleeping filters your brain and puts non-useful information to the recycle bin?* This filtering / cleansing process is good. It’s the reason why you don’t remember everything, only those important to you.

I also love how feelings or emotiona get cleansed while you sleep and you wake up fresh.

Now, regarding the title. I am not sure why but there’s a lot of fear in my mind tonight. Uncertainty, perhaps, is getting into my head. Nothing is for certain but change. All I can do is always try to be my best self, no matter what situation. I try to chase happiness, or happiness chase me.

My cure for fear tonight is sleep. I shall not empower it nor let it grow.

How about you guys, how do you deal with fear? 😉



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