Flair Updates for 2010, Grammar Police, Blog Clogs and my Travels

Hey you!

It’s been a very busy first quarter of the year.  It’s all good though, it’s the good kind of busy 🙂

Anyway, I just need to write to update you all on what’s happenin’ in this blog of mine.

I just finished developing the official blog site of Tek Tok TV (Tech Talk).

Tek Tok TV is finally online!  http://tektoktv.com/ep01

“Tek Tok TV” (Tech Talk TV) is your source for the most up-to-date news, topics and info from the world of geeks. We talk about the latest trends in technology, gizmos, the internet, blogging and more! Every week, live on GNN, we’ll feature gadgets, bloggers, tech experts, cosplayers and more of your favorite geeky stuff. Tek Tok TV is part of the Global News Network’s Business Portal series. Every Wednesday, LIVE – 10:30am – 11:30am. Only on GNN.

That’s what’s keeping me busy right now.  I co-host with Vince Golangco of wheninmanila.com for this show which is produced and directed by Pocholo Gonzales of Creativoices.

I love make up!!!

About more than a month ago, I took make up lessons.  I am such a tomboy and I didn’t care much about makeup but then I realized that I need it… and now, I am loving and embracing it!

Vince has been telling me to video myself while doing makeup.  Eh? With all honesty, I have poor lighting at home and doing a video thingy while putting makeup would be useless… T__T

So, I just took a picture of my makeup today… I must admit, I am really loving it now!  Makeup brings out your best features.

Anyway… I am busy with more other things.  Trust me, for a jobless girl, I’m doing a lot of work.  Like yesterday night I slept at nearly 4am because I was trying to finish the website above and woke up at 6am to get ready for the TV show.

Eh?  I need to also put makeup on or else I would look like a panda on TV.

Anyway, I had fun today as I co-hosted with Vince for Tek Tok TV.  We are at our 6th episode and we invited Abe of yugatech.com (yes you know him, he’s an internet celebrity!!!) to talk about the iPad… is it worth it or not? and all other questions we had…

I had my hands on the iPad to tinker with for the first time… I was SOLD! nothing beats the experience ladies and gents… pretty amazing!  Although I would want to wait for the iPad with 3G and sim card.  It would be useless for me without the mobile internet function (here in the Philippines at least where we don’t have many WiFi free spots).

Also we invited over the team of Cubizone to give us more insight and views of the current gaming industry here in the Philippines and how some corporations could tap into this industry and match their respective products and brands.  It’s a totally different light in gaming.  Of course, common sense should guide your lives people.  Too much of anything is bad… too much of gaming is bad.  They also said that managing your time and being responsible is one sure way to live a more worry-free life.

Phew… I talk a lot when I need to do I?

Grammar Police

There has been a grammar police attacking my comments section.  Initially, I did not remove them.  But it gives me negativity that I just had to delete them.  I usually don’t delete comments.  Even comments from haters… but I just didn’t really want to bother much.

(I just took screenshots) here’s what I’m talking about.

I bet he or she is reading this right now.

He/she has been complaining about my BAD GRAMMAR, my excessive usage of ellipses (…) and my green humor.  I wonder why he didn’t complain about my excessive usage of emoticons ^_^ XD … and my excessive usage of **faints**.

Anyway, read my About page and find that I usually don’t check my grammar or misspellings.  I write more creative and more entertaining when I free-write.  If I continue to edit, it disrupts my focus.  And, as much as I would love to edit my own writings and re-read and re-read my posts again and again I CAN’T because I don’t have the luxury of time.

I’d rather upload things ASAP than to meticulously and professionally check my blog posts before uploading them.  For my blog, TIME is of the essence and I choose time relevance.  You know how it works online – what may be relevant in this second could be irrelevant in the next hour.

This is a Personal blog… not a newspaper publication.  I don’t have a boss… I am my own boss, so if you’re bothered with my grammar, feel free to comment.  I’d glad to look it out and edit.  If I see some misspellings and grammatically erroneous sentence construction then I edit it.

I also write for other online publications and magazine articles but with this I do check my grammar and have someone four-eye it for me.

For now… I’m writing as usual ^_^


I had to reject some events and some travelling due fatigue and sickness.  I got sick last weekend and although I recovered quickly, I just rested at home or else I know my body would give up.  I always prioritize health.  It’s my wealth.  Seriously.

My Travel Posts and my Blog Clogs

A year ago, I went to Hong Kong for the first time… Did a lot of stuff there, but haven’t blogged about it nor uploaded photos on my flickr.  SHAME ON ME!

Also last year I went to Malaysia to meet my Malaysian friends… and went to Singapore for F1 2009 coverage and back to Singapore again for Nuffnang blog awards.  Although I made at least one blog post of these events… I have yet so much to write and blog about!!!

I have so much to share!

Let me… one-at-a-time share once again my budget travels, adventures, misadventures and everything else.

So thank you guys for helping me keep this blog alive 🙂  Thank you for all the email and the comments.

With much love, this is Hannah, signing of for tonight… ^_^


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  1. Hi Hannah! I’m a reader of your blog but not a usual commenter except for the derek entry hehe. I really can’t help but to comment on this post.

    Naku wag mo na masyado pinagpapansin yan. Inggit lang yan sa site traffic mo! 😛 Keep on writing and we will still be here, reading your blog posts. 🙂

    Dyanie 🙂

  2. woot XD wala lang magawa sa buhay yung grammar police hahaha 😛
    see, ikaw walang panahon mag-edit ng mag-edit, pero sya may panahon magproof-read ng magproof-read – ng blog post na hindi kanya. LOL! huuuu if i know, crush ka lang nun hahahaha 😛

  3. oo nga i hire mo sya! tutal sabi naman nya sa blog post mo “pangarap ko ang i-edit ka” LOL!

    yeah you told me na on another comment i made 😉 hihi

  4. Hey aren’t blogging suppose to be fun without having to bother our grammar? Whatever it is, keep on blogging and sharing Hannah! You know you have a lot of loyal readers diba? 🙂 *hugs*

  5. Last April 27, 2010, I wrote a post entitled “Bloggers’ Choice This Coming 2010 Election “and this post contained a poll. The poll is about who among the candidates running for president and vice-president were chosen by different Filipino bloggers. I want to thank the bloggers who voted, participated and commented on this poll, as a matter of fact, a total of 211 bloggers participated. As of 1:45 p.m today, May 7, 2010, I officially closed the poll, and now I present to you the results. Please click the link

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