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At the start of the year, I vowed to be healthier because I believe that health is wealth!  I did my detox on the first week of the month and that jump started my healthier year!  I feel cleaner now and I felt like my digestive track just got rebooted to its ideal state!  I feel my metabolism going faster and I lost 3 pounds already!

What’s more important in starting a really healthy diet is to maintain it by feeding your body with healthy food and drinks.  As much as possible, I eat a serving of fruits or veggies per meal.  I make sure that there’s some fiber and more nutrition going inside my body.  I believe that if you are healthy inside, it will reflect on the outside – smoother skin, silkier hair, healthier teeth and nails etc.  Nothing is healthier than healthy body cells!

Most of the time, you would think that healthy foods aren’t tasty!  It may be true at times especially the bitter ampalaya but not at all times.  Here’s one healthy drink that sure is tasty!

Healthier companion

I’m sure you’ve tried Tropicana juice before but this time, they have Tropicana Juice Plus!  It’s the same natural Tropicana Orange juice you guys loved before but with a boost of Calcium and Antioxidants!  This juice drink that I’m sure you guys love is also high in Vitamins A, C, D and E without preservatives.  These are some of the basic vitamins and minerals that our cells need without preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings!

1.)     Calcium Boost – Orange juice drink that is high in calcium to help strengthen your bones and teeth.

2.)     Antioxidant Boost – Orange juice drink with high levels of vitamins C and E to help battle free radicals.


Filipinos are getting more health conscious right now and Tropicana Juice Plus is a perfect partner for busy people who seek a more convenient way to stay healthy.

And, it tastes good and natural!

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*This is a sponsored post for Tropicana Juice Plus.

Live healthy!

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