Hong Kong Wetlands

This is a place usually unknown to tourists.  People don’t usually go here a lot.  We found ourselves as lone foreign tourists in the place, accompanied by students on a field trip, some artists sketching and local Hong Kong tourists who brought their zoom lenses to take photographs of birds.

Hong Kong Wetlands – A Place for Photographers and Nature Lovers

We went here last November and indeed it is a place for photographers to practice their wild-life photography.  If you want to work for National Geographic or Discovery channel, this is the best place for you to practice 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my 70-300mm zoom lens, so I wasn’t able to take photos of unique birds all around.

The Hong Kong Wetlands is a world-class ecotourism facility and home to a stunning array of wildlife including birds, dragonflies, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and fish.

How to get to Hong Kong Wetlands

It took us about 30 – 45 minutes to arrive to the Wetlands from our hotel, Island Pacific.

HK Wetland Park is situated Northeast of Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong. It has an exhibition hall of 10,000 square meters (107,642 sq ft) and the wetland reserve area comprises 60 hectares (148 acres).

Take the MRT and make your way to Tin Shui Wai MTR Rail station. Get on any MTR Light Rail (705 or 706) and then get off at Wetland Park Station. The Park is right ahead (only a 5 minute walk).

Hong Kong Wetlands entrance fee, opening and closing hours

Open hours are between 10 am – 5pm

Closed on Tuesdays (except for Public Holidays).

It is also closed for the first and 2nd day of the Chinese New Year.

Tickets: Adults (HK$30), Child (3 to below 18) / Students / Senior (HK$15) and Free entry for children below three.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (39)

This area is already near mainland China.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (77)

These are our tickets for the light rail.  Technically, it’s honesty policy.  They didn’t seem to collect or check our tickets.  But, I believed that some officers randomly check tickets.  Or something like that.

On our way home to our hotel from the Hong Kong Wetlands, we ran out of change.  We asked for 20 bucks to be changed from an old woman who was also waiting for the train.  She was just kind enough to donate HKD 4 to us for our fare 😛

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (76)

School girl in the suburb.  They have cute uniforms 🙂 Of course, at that time, it was super cold so they need sweaters, long socks and stuff. 🙂

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (75)

They have bike lanes which I want the Philippines to adapt with.  This encourages a greener future for everyone.  It’s just nice 🙂

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (73)

This is inside the Hong Kong Wetland park.  You should wear long sleeve clothes and pants or leggings.  You should be fully covered because there are lots of mosquitos here.  You can also buy a mosquito patch that you stick to your clothes.  If you zoom in on me, you will see tiny colorful squares.  Those are mosquito repellants 😛

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (71)

I believe it’s autumn when we went here last time.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (69)

Don’t be fooled.  This Wetland Park is stretched around and you will walk around A LOT!  There are many observation decks where you can rest and take photos of birds in the swamp or even sketch and paint.  I saw one artist painting the swamp life 🙂 It was nice.  I wanted to take a photo of him, but he seemed so into his work that I felt it would be rude to interrupt.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (68)

Swamp vs buildings

Like I said, it’s a long walk…

You need to wear comfy shoes.  The sign says “Mind Deep Water” … but it looks like it’s low tide or something?  The water doesn’t seem too deep.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (60)

Crabs were everywhere in the swamp… they live under the roots of the mangroves 🙂

I feel so smart now 😛

I can’t imagine how it would be if you go here on summer.  It would be humid and hot, yet you need to protect yourself from mosquito and other insects.  You would be walking a lot under the sun and it would make you feel sticky.  So, I suggest you walk around the swamp during winter / autumn time.

If you happen to pass by here on summer, they have an enclosed / air-conditioned building that serves both as museum and a science discovery center.

You will still get to see more live and well reptiles and amphibians with their huge aquariums and stuff

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (48)

I love the green grass, the blue sky and my top contrasting the background 😛

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (36)

My feet got tired leh… but, I got reprimanded because you can’t put your feet up @_@… if you need to, do it when no one is watching 😛

and oh, wear either thick stockings or leggings coz if you only wear thin stockings, the mosquitos still bite grr

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (35)

yaye! I PASSED!

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (32)

Inside their discovery center is a very educational and interactive game 😛

If only we had the time to really go through it all. but, I was just amazed 🙂

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (11)

Oh yeah, this is how the light rail train’s rail looks like.  It doesn’t look like Hong Kong anymore and it looks more of China suburbs

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  1. There is really more than just buildings and shopping in HK. Last time, I wanted to go to Stanley or else the fishermen’s village. It did not materialize cos our daughter was with us. Oh well, there is always next time.

  2. True, Hong Kong is only 2 hours flight away 🙂 I want to go hiking there too, I saw another blogger’s post about hiking King’s trail or something. sounds fun

  3. hey – i should pay a visit to that place next time. i was in HK last week and missed it. but anyway, i love disneyland like you.

  4. honga! never read about this before. nice nice! who would’ve known na my wetlands pala sa HK, all the while I thought puro skyscrapers lng xa. hehe thnx for sharing!
    btw, I love your outfit! 🙂

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