Business Coach Philippines: How To Plan And Start a Business

I studied Accountancy in College and we focused more on clerical book keeping, computing and analyzing Financial Statements.  We never got to learn or at least focus on the business side of things.

How to Plan and start a Business?

That was one of the questions I always ask myself.  I always have “aha” moments when I think of some ideas for a new business.  My problem is – how to start one?  Especially here in the Philippines where filing anything is complicated and takes time >.<

And so, I browsed online for companies offering short courses on businesses and I found the Business Coach Philippines offers a wide range of short courses or seminars depending on the business you have in mind.

I have different businesses in mind myself so I asked them if they have a general “How to Plan and Start a Business”

You technically need to alot a day or two for this.  You can opt for a weekend or a weekday class.  Anyway, it really helped me A LOT in understanding what forms I need to file and the steps I need to take to plan, register and start my BUSINESS!


I won’t blog about the content of the seminar because heck, they might sue me for copyright infringement or anything like that lol, but to give you an idea what they will be discussing in this specific seminar, they included:

  • Introduction
  • Attributes of a Successful Entrepreneur
  • Planning and Creating
  • Research
  • Modelling
  • Funding
  • Registering
  • Set-up
  • opening

The instructors are well-versed about their subject of course and my instructor at that time was also an accountant (like me) who pursued entrepreneurship and internet marketing as well so they know what they are talking about 🙂

My class was only for 1 day and snacks and lunch is included for a minimal 1-day fee.  You can check out ALL of the seminars that they offer on their official website and call their hotline to personally ask any questions before you take the class 🙂


Business Coach Philippines Seminar and Classes Schedule


How to Compute Salaries, Wages & Benefits – March 26 (P 3,000)

Basic Leadership Training – April 1 (P 3,000)

Career Planning and Development – April 4 (P 3,000)

Competitive Selling Techniques – April 5 (P 3,000)
Human Resource Management Training – April 5-6 (P 6,000)

Time Management – April 9 (P 3,000)

Performance Management System – April 11 (P 3,000)

Personality Development – April 11 (P 3,000)

Customer Service Training – April 12 (P 3,000)

Basic Supervisory Skills Training – April 16 (P 3,000)

How to Implement 5S in the Workplace – April 18 (P 3,000)

Telephone Skills Training – April 19 (P 3,000)

Business Etiquette Training – April 25 (P 3,000)

Training the Trainers – April 26 (P 3,000)

How to Do In-House or Corporate Events – April 26 (P 3,000)

Conducting Interviews, Recruitment and Employee Selection – April 27 (P 3,000)

Labor Laws for Entrepreneurs and Managers – May 14 (P 3,000)



Purchasing Management – April 8 (P 3,000)

Effective Warehouse and Inventory Management – April 15 (P 3,000)

Supply Chain Management – April 28-29 (P 6,000)



Business Taxation Made Easy – March 28-29 (P 6,000)

Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting – April 18-19 (P 6,000)



Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) – March 25 (P 3,000)

How to Plan and Start a Business – March 28 (P 3,000)

How to Import: Procedures and Documentations – April 18-19 (P 6,000)

Food Safety: A Basic Training on HACCP – April 29 (P 3,000)

How to Franchise Your Business – May 13 (P 3,000)



Balloon Printing and Designing – April 6 (P 3,000)

Wedding and Debut Planning and Coordination – April 13 (P 3,000)



How to Make Elegant Beaded Jewelry – April 7 (P 3,000)

Gift Wrapping, Gift Basket, and Ribbon Making – April 26 (P 3,000)

Bookbinding Techniques and Procedures – April 27 (P 2,750)



How to Plan and Operate a Restaurant – March 26 (P 3,000)

Starting a Coffee Shop Business with Barista Training – March 28 (P 3,000)

Starting a Meat Shop Business – April 1 (P 3,000)

Starting a Food Cart Business – April 1 (P 3,000)

Starting a Catering Business – April 2 (P 3,000)

How to Start a Pizza Business – April 6 (P 3,000)

How to be a Canteen Concessionaire – April 16 (P 3,000)

Starting a Quick Service Restaurant – May 18 (P 3,000)



Starting a Spa Business – March 29 (P 3,000)

Starting a Drugstore Business – April 14 (P 3,000)



Internet Marketing Seminar – April 4 (P 3,000)

Starting an Internet Cafe Business – April 7 (P 3,000)



How to Start a Money Lending Business – April 2 (P 3,000)

How to Start a Money Changing Business – April 12-13 (P 6,000)

How to Invest in Stock Market – April 12 (P 3,000)

Starting a Pawnshop Business – April 16 (P 3,000)



Real Estate Marketing Seminar – March 24 (P 3,000)

Building and Property Management – March 26 (P 3,000)

Apartment and Commercial Stall Rental Business – April 5 (P 3,000)

How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Properties – April 7 (P 3,000)



Starting a School and Office Supplies Store – March 25 (P 3,000)

How to Start and Manage a Manpower Agency – April 2 (P 3,000)

How to Start and Operate a Printing Press – April 8 (P 3,000)

How to Start a Janitorial Services Business – April 9 (P 3,000)

Starting a Travel and Tour Business – April 9 (P 3,000)

How to Start and Manage a Preschool or Day Care Center – April 11 (P 3,000)

How to Start and Operate a Laundry Business – April 15 (P 3,000)


Know More

Official Website:

Hotline: (632) 727-5628 or (632) 496-6949

Location: Unit 201 Richbelt Tower, 17 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City

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