How to Remove your Glitter Tattoo

Two days before the trip, I got a glitter tattoo 😀 wee!


The glitter tattoo only lasts for 3 – 5 days.


As you can see, in 4 days… my glitter tattoo got wonky and my sexy glittering purple cat tattoo’s tail is gone lol.

Therefore, I need to remove it coz it looks like trash now 😛

The glitter tattoo is pretty solid and if you touch and attempt to remove it just with your fingers, you’d have a hard time, and a red skin 😛

Here’s a 3-step procedure on how to remove your glitter tattoo.


1.  Have a lotion ready.

I used Vaseline lightening lotion with triple whitening effect.  I used this because, I’m using it anyway to protect all skin areas that will be exposed in the sun while I’m on the road tour.  Plus, I love the smell, it’s like lotion-perfume.

You can also use petroleum jelly or cold cream as an alternative to lotion.


Step 2: Apply the lotion on the skin and spread it on the area.  Massage around the area for about 1-3 minutes.  This is to make sure that the area is smooth and lubricated already.


Step 3: Get a tiny towel and wipe the area.  You can use tissue or cloth if you don’t have a towel.  You might need to put a little bit of force while taking it off.  You might need the help of your boyfriend or friend if the tattoo is along the area you can’t reach by yourself.




Voila! clean back shoulder! 😀

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  3. Petroleum jelly and vaseline lotion … i just love the smell of vaseline lightening lotion which i use everyafter shower. 🙂

  4. errr…. can’t you just scrub it off? hehe
    *random bloghop. exchange links? just give me a heads up back in my blog. thanks! 🙂

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