How to Sync iCal with Google Calendar

Every since I bought my MacBook Pro as a gift for myself on Valentines, my life has changed – in better ways and frustrating ways.  Until now I am not that used to using it as compared to Windows platform which I have been using my entire life.  I must say though, it hasn’t failed me in speed especially with photo and video editing which I heavily need – and running multiple applications!

My problem recently is how to sync all of my calendar in different places into one.

That’s what cloud is for right?

I want to be able to use Google Calendar and sync it everywhere – my android phone(s), my macbook, iPad and Blackberry Playbook.  And if ever I am away from all of these, I can still access my calendar as long as I see a PC (mobile or desk) and an internet conenction.

Now, my problem is – how to sync iCal with Google Calendar?

I know I can sync the calendar to my iPad – but not on my mobile phones… and I don’t want to use multiple calendar platforms – I want to use only 1 Google calendar.


And thus the question: How to Sync iCal with Google Calendar?


If there’s a will, there’s a way!  And here is the solution:


How to sync iCal with Google Calendar

Ta-da!!! I love it!

And I am syncing all my calendars because I’ve gone crazy with my schedule.  I use multiple calendars (the physical notebook planner and digital) and it’s a bad habit!  So I put my calendar into one server but at the same time I can access it everywhere!

Also, I am going to have a new job which I am very excited about.  But I know for sure that it will be a stress fest – but it’s one that I need to channel my creativity and extort my workaholic mood.  So this calendar, is a start!!!


xoxo Flair Candy 😀



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