Interview with AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandez

It has been a decade of operations for AirAsia and now that they are moving in to their second decade, they want to do more for their promise “Now Everyone Can Fly.” 

Today, August 7, 2012 in Jakarta Indonesia, AirAsia Group launched their regional hub in Jakarta Indonesia – location separate from the operations of their different AirAsia headquarters, yet a place full of economic growth and opportunities as explained by AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandez.

I was psyched to be a part of the press con, together with other publications and media such as CNN, Al Jazeera, NBC, Fox and many more.  It’s a milestone event for me as a hybrid journalist/reporter/blogger.  Just as this day is a milestone for me, same is true with AirAsia asean who aims for the world to be accessible for everyone.  This expansion and a focused location for company strategies marks the beginning of AirAsia Groups growth and expansion plans.

Part of the press con was a pocket interview with one of the people behind the success of AirAsia himself, Tony Fernandez.




1.  What is your “dream destination.”

Tony: I wouldn’t say a destination really, but to see a football match in a stadium in Rio.  Hawaii would be nice too.


2.  Speaking of “dreams” what are your current dreams for AirAsia?

Tony:  Two things. (1) For AirAsia brand to be as well known as Coca-Cola in Asia, and that (2) AirAsia could evoke nice feelings from the people


3.  What is the secret of Tony Fernandez?

Tony:  Good people.  I couldn’t have built this without the fantastic people surrounding me.  It’s like a current, I give energy to the people and they give it back to me


4.  Tricky “Miss Universe” type question…

Tony: (laughs)

Me:  If you were to choose one: Quantity or Quality? Which is it?

Tony:  That’s a hard question! It depends, for passengers I’d want quantity!  But seriously, I would choose quality.  I would rather have 1 great marketing manager than 25, 1 great tasting fried chicken than 25…


5.  Any message to Filipino travelers?

Tony:  Yes, I think Filipinos were starved of international travel.  It’s either Hong Kong, Singapore but AirAsia wants to offer more destinations, more accessibility.  I want to make Philippines smaller, and also bring more tourists in the Philippines as well.


I enjoyed my interview with Tony as he is very accommodating, humble and honest.  I do hope that his noble dreams will come true, because as a traveler, I would want to have more direct flights and accessibility to different destinations in the Philippines and the world!

On another note, I think I like being a hybrid journalist.  Currently, I see it as a challenge I think I would be good at.  You know me, when something gets me interested, I’m all out with passion in going after it. 

Who says you can only have “One” dream?  Me, I dream a lot… and some of them, I have already achieved and once I do the feeling is GREAT! 

Keep on dreaming and achieving guys!


Much love,




disclaimer: Interview transcript above has been paraphrased, essence of the thought stays.

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